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Self Portrait Of A Woman Unravelling

Self Portrait Of A Woman Unravelling Album Lyrics | alayna

“Self Portrait Of A Woman Unravelling” is a compelling inaugural offering from the talented artist Alayna, a captivating album that delves deep into the corridors of her introspection. With each resonant note and thought-provoking lyric, Alayna skillfully unveils the intricate tapestry of her artistic essence and personal growth, painting a vivid sonic portrait of the woman she has blossomed into. At the heart of this musical masterpiece lies Alayna’s exquisite command over both the written word and melodic expression, a testament to her prowess as a singer-songwriter, brilliantly underscored by her velvety, smooth vocal tones.

Guided by the poignant inquiry, “How could you ask someone to paint a self-portrait if they cannot see themselves?” Alayna embarks on an earnest exploration of her own identity, inviting listeners to join her on this soul-searching voyage. Her music becomes a canvas upon which she fearlessly unravels the threads of her innermost thoughts, dreams, and fears, crafting a collection of songs that resonate with authenticity and emotional resonance.

Collaborating with an array of industry luminaries, “Self Portrait Of A Woman Unravelling” emerges as a harmonious blend of creative energies. Alayna’s partnership with main producer and musical director Noema, known for his contributions to Joel Little’s esteemed Big Fan studios in New Zealand, infuses the album with a distinctive sonic fingerprint. Noteworthy producer John Mark Nelson, celebrated for his work with Taylor Swift, Leon Bridges, and Mitski, lends his expertise, enriching the album’s depth and diversity. The album’s sonic landscape is further polished by the hands of producer Wells* and mixer/engineer Simon Gooding, renowned for their contributions to acclaimed artists like Dua Lipa and P!nk.

On the notable date of July 7, 2023, “Self Portrait Of A Woman Unravelling” was unveiled to the world, a profound testament to Alayna’s artistic journey and an invitation for audiences to immerse themselves in the resonance of her musical self-discovery. With this debut release, Alayna marks her emergence as a formidable voice in the realm of music, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those who embark on this melodic voyage with her. Below you can check out Self Portrait Of A Woman Unravelling Album Lyrics & Tracklist by alayna.

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Album's Tracklist


Self Portrait Of A Woman Unravelling
alayna, Levi Patel & Noema Te Hau
Levi Patel & Noema Te Hau
Music Label:
Nettwerk Music Group Inc.
Released On:
July 7, 2023

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