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Bigad Gaye The Ishq Mein Thode Bahut

Bigad Gaye The Ishq Mein Thode Bahut (बिगड़ गए थे इश्क़ में थोड़े बहुत) is a profound Hindi shayari crafted by the talented comedian Rajat Sood. This captivating line has gained immense popularity on social media, with people also searching for “Bigad Gaye The Ishq Mein Thoda Bahut.” The viral impact of this shayari can be traced back to Rajat Sood’s soul-stirring recitation on the renowned Indian television show, Laughter Champion. Rajat Sood’s Bigad Gaye The Ishq Mein Thode Bahut lyrics in Hindi and in English are provided below.

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Romanized Script
Native Script

Ɓigad gaye the hum ishq mein thode bahut
Ɗil toota toh phir dil tode bahut

बिगड़ गए थे हम इश्क़ में थोड़े बहुत
दिल टूटा तो फिर दिल तोड़े बहुत

Song Credits

Rajat Sood
Rajat Sood
Rajat Sood
Rajat Sood

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