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Doin’ Time (Clean Version)

Doin’ Time (Clean Version)

Doin’ Time Clean Lyrics

Doin’ Time (Clean Version) is a resonant gem in the collection of Lana Del Rey’s musical repertoire. This English track, woven with tender emotions and thought-provoking sentiment, strikes a chord with its listeners on a profound level. The collaborative brilliance of Jimmie Skinner is showcased in the song’s lyrical tapestry, where each line weaves a heartfelt narrative that speaks to the complexities of human connection.

Nestled within the album “Norman Fucking Rockwell!,” this song’s release on Aug 30th 2019 marked a significant moment in Lana Del Rey’s artistic journey. Within the album’s carefully curated landscape, Lana Del Rey demonstrates her artistic versatility and innate ability to channel genuine emotions into her music. Lana Del Rey’s Doin’ Time Clean lyrics are provided below, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of this beautifully crafted piece of musical artistry.

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Doin’ Time (Clean Version) Song Details:

Album : Norman Fucking Rockwell!
Singer(s) : Lana Del Rey
Lyricist(s) : Jimmie Skinner
Composers(s) : Jimmie Skinner
Genre(s) : Alternative/Indie
Music Label : Lana Del Rey
Starring : Lana Del Rey

Doin’ Time (Clean Version) Song Video:

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