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Roger Waters Condemns Bono’s Support of Israel: Calls Him “a Huge Shit”


Renowned musician Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, has launched a scathing attack on U2 frontman Bono, labeling him as “a huge piece of shit” for his support of Israel amidst the conflict with Gaza. The heated remarks were made in an interview with Al Jazeera, shedding light on the deep-seated tensions surrounding the ongoing political turmoil in the region.

The controversy erupted following Bono’s comments made during recent concerts at the Sphere in Las Vegas, where he expressed solidarity with Israel amid the conflict. In a notable moment, Bono altered the lyrics of U2’s song ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’ to include references to the Stars of David, a move that Waters found particularly egregious.

“In light of what has happened between Israel and Gaza, a song about no to violence seems ridiculous, even mocking, but our prayers have always been for peace and not violence… You already know that where our hearts and our indignation point, so sing with us… and with those beautiful children at that music festival,” remarked Bono, justifying his stance before performing the song.

However, Waters did not mince words in his condemnation of Bono’s actions. In his interview with Al Jazeera, he expressed disgust at Bono’s support for Israel, urging those who know him to confront him. “Anyone who knows Bono should go grab him and shake him… until he stops acting like a huge piece of shit. We have to start telling these people how disgusting and degrading their opinion is… standing up for the Zionist entity,” Waters asserted.

The clash between the two musicians underscores the polarizing nature of the Israel-Gaza conflict and the complexities surrounding public figures’ engagement with political issues. While Bono’s expression of solidarity with Israel may have been intended to promote peace, it has ignited a fierce backlash from critics like Waters, who view such gestures as complicity with oppression.

Waters’ blunt criticism serves as a reminder of the power dynamics at play in the realm of celebrity activism and the moral obligations that accompany wielding influence on a global scale. As tensions persist in the Middle East, the voices of prominent figures like Waters and Bono carry weight in shaping public discourse and perceptions of the conflict.

In the wake of this controversy, the music industry finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the ethical dilemmas of taking political stances and the consequences of remaining silent in the face of injustice. Whether this clash between Roger Waters and Bono will spark meaningful dialogue or further exacerbate divisions remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear: the repercussions of their feud resonate far beyond the realm of music, reflecting broader societal divisions and the urgent need for constructive engagement in addressing complex geopolitical issues.

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