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Sleepy emerges as a captivating English song by the exceptionally talented Ashley Kutcher. The heartfelt and emotive lyrics are the collaborative creation of Ashley Kutcher, Cooper Holzman, and Bethany Ann Warner. This soul-stirring masterpiece finds its rightful place on the EP “Survive My Own Mind,” thoughtfully released on October 21st, 2022. With its enchanting melodies and introspective verses, the song delves into the theme of weariness and the yearning for solace amidst life’s challenges. It resonates deeply with listeners, encapsulating the universal experience of seeking peace in the midst of chaos, making it a cherished addition to any music enthusiast’s collection. Ashley Kutcher’s Sleepy lyrics are provided below.

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Sleepy Song Details:

Album : Sleepy
Singer(s) : Ashley Kutcher
Lyricist(s) : Ashley Kutcher, Cooper Holzman, Bethany Ann Warner
Composers(s) : Ashley Kutcher, Cooper Holzman, Bethany Ann Warner
Genre(s) : Pop
Starring : Ashley Kutcher

Sleepy Song Video:

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