What to Expect in Tokyo Revengers: Season 3

Time-traveling battles and unpredictable twists awaits

Get ready for a thrilling ride as Tokyo Revengers: Season 3 unveils time-traveling battles, unpredictable twists, and intense excitement.

Tokyo Revengers: Season 3 will continue the explosive "Tenjiku Arc," reuniting Mikey and Takemichi amidst an impending gang war.

Tragedy will strike as Naoto Tachibana takes Mikey's life, leading to the downfall of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi will embark on another time-travel journey to rewrite fate and save his friends from their tragic demise.

Liden Films will deliver stunning visuals for Tokyo Revengers: Season 3.

The streaming platform for Season 3 is yet to be confirmed, with possibilities including Disney+ and Hulu.

Fans can eagerly await the release of Tokyo Revengers: Season 3 in summer 2024, as the gripping storyline continues to captivate viewers.

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