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A Horse Named Cold Air

A Horse Named Cold Air

A Horse Named Cold Air Lyrics

A Horse Named Cold Air paints a haunting portrait of stagnation and the fervent desire to break free from life’s monotonous confines. The song’s protagonist grapples with a sense of purposeless existence, feeling trapped in a repetitive cycle that leaves them yearning for liberation. They metaphorically liken themselves to a horse named Cold Air, confined within the walls of a stable, longing to roam the vast expanse of freedom. This haunting and atmospheric ballad evokes a profound mix of melancholy and longing, encapsulating the protagonist’s emotional journey towards acceptance and change. As they slowly come to terms with their situation, they begin reaching out for help and hope to transcend their current state of being. The song’s instrumental, skillfully blending elements of electronica and indie rock, provides a powerful backdrop that reflects the protagonist’s unwavering determination to shatter the shackles and gallop towards a life of boundless possibilities. Mitski’s A Horse Named Cold Air lyrics are provided below.

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A Horse Named Cold Air Song Details:

Album : A Horse Named Cold Air
Singer(s) : Mitski
Lyricist(s) : Mitsuki Laycock
Composers(s) : Mitsuki Laycock
Genre(s) : Alternative/Indie
Starring : Mitski

A Horse Named Cold Air Song Video:

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