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Anumita Nadesan

Anumita Nadesan | Biography, Songs, Lyrics

Anumita Nadesan is a talented singer and music enthusiast who hails from Trivandrum. Born and brought up in the city, she has captivated audiences with her mesmerizing voice and impeccable taste in music. Currently pursuing a B.Des course in Hyderabad, Anumita’s journey in music began at a young age when she started learning Carnatic music at the age of six. Her passion for music knows no bounds, and she recently embarked on learning Hindustani music, finding it intriguing and captivating.

Anumita’s rise to fame can be attributed to her sensational music covers, which she shares on social media platforms. Her cover of ‘Jashn-E-Baharaa’ posted on Instagram in December gained widespread attention and quickly catapulted her into the realm of social media celebrity. Surpassing one lakh views overnight, Anumita was astonished by the overwhelming response. Since then, she has embraced her growing fanbase and strives to entertain her followers by consistently sharing new content. Through her covers, Anumita has gained significant exposure, thanks to the support and shares from her friends and followers.

In addition to her successful covers, Anumita has also released original music, including her hit song ‘Khwaab.’ With over 14 million Spotify streams and counting, ‘Khwaab’ has garnered immense popularity and showcases Anumita’s talent as a songwriter and performer. The song’s success further solidifies her position as a rising star in the music industry.

While her current success may have seemed unimaginable, Anumita’s musical journey had its fair share of challenges. She initially enrolled in a BA music course in Trivandrum but faced difficulties and decided to drop out. It was during her time in college in Hyderabad that she rediscovered her love for music and reignited her passion by picking up the guitar and singing. The COVID-19 pandemic forced her to return home, where she continued sharing her music on social media. Her Hindi cover of ‘O Rangrez’ from the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag gained significant recognition after being shared by Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and Malayalam actress Anna Ben. Encouraged by the positive response, Anumita began creating short reels, adapting to the platform’s requirements at the time.

Beyond covering popular songs, Anumita aspires to release more original music. She has been working diligently on her compositions, with plans to unveil her new creations in the coming months. Additionally, she looks forward to collaborating with other artists, exploring playback singing opportunities, and releasing singles. Anumita’s dedication to her craft is evident as she devotes time every night to her music, constantly composing and creating new ideas. She credits her parents as her greatest pillars of strength, with her mother accompanying her to music classes to ensure she didn’t miss out on her musical education.

Anumita’s musical success is only part of her story. As a person, she describes herself as an introvert, finding solace and productivity in solitude. Apart from music, she indulges in various artistic pursuits such as drawing and painting. An avid reader, Anumita cherishes her moments with books, further nurturing her creativity and broadening her horizons.

Playback singing holds a special place in Anumita’s heart, as she dreams of working with legendary figures in the music industry. She aims to balance her aspirations as a playback singer with her desire to establish herself as an independent artist. Recognizing the dedication and effort required for playback singing, Anumita strives to align herself with composers’ visions and steadily progress in her journey. Her exceptional talent has already garnered recognition from renowned Malayalam playback singers like Gopi Sundar, Deepak Dev, and Bijibal, who have commended her unique voice and musical abilities.

Anumita Nadesan’s unwavering passion for music resonates through her captivating voice and heartfelt performances. She remains focused on her musical pursuits, embodying a girl with a guitar floating in the universe of music, completely immersed in her craft and oblivious to everything else. As she continues to bless thousands of ears with her enchanting melodies, Anumita’s love for music remains an integral part of her identity. Below you can check out the lyrics to some of Anumita Nadesan’s popular songs.

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