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Bebe Que Fue Lyrics

TQG is a captivating Latin pop duet featuring the powerhouse collaboration of singer Karol G and Colombian artist Shakira. The song, an abbreviation of “Te Quedó Grande” (Got Big For You), was released alongside the album “MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO” as its sixth track. Delving into themes of heartbreak, “TQG” serves as a poignant reflection on their past relationships with Gerard Piqué, Shakira’s ex-partner, and Anuel AA, Karol G’s ex-partner. Rather than dwelling on sadness, the song emphasizes their pride in having the courage to end those relationships before it was too late, making it an empowering and emotionally resonant masterpiece. Karol G & Shakira’s Bebe Que Fue lyrics are provided below.

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TQG Song Details:

Album : TQG
Singer(s) : Karol G
Lyricist(s) : Karol G & Shakira
Composers(s) : Karol G & Shakira
Music Director(s) : Karol G & Shakira
Genre(s) : Pop
Music Label : UMG Recordings
Starring : Karol G & Shakira

TQG Song Video:

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