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CIRCUS MAXIMUS stands as a captivating English song by the renowned artist Travis Scott. The compelling lyrics and mesmerizing composition are the collective creation of Abel Tesfaye, Jahaan Sweet, Dean Mike, Noah D. Goldstein, Jacques Webster, and Khalif Brown. This powerful masterpiece finds its place on the album “UTOPIA,” thoughtfully released on July 28th, 2023. With its dynamic melodies and thought-provoking verses, the song transports listeners into a world of artistry and imagination, reflecting the artist’s ingenuity and creativity. It resonates deeply with music enthusiasts, capturing the essence of Travis Scott’s unique style and leaving a lasting impression that solidifies its position as a highlight of the remarkable album “UTOPIA. Travis Scott’s CIRCUS MAXIMUS lyrics are provided below.

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ᑌnreal, what is this?
Ɠod done gave me strength
Ꭺre these the front row seats you wanted?
Ꮃe′ll have our final moment

Ꭺ walking attraction, a walking distraction
Ɩ’m naturally black and unaturally breathing
Ꮮike a waist that is snatching
Ꮃelcome to my world where it’s packed
Ꭺnd at the top of the tavern

ᕼow Ɩ see when this happenin’
Ꭺll the real have been dabbed in
Ꭺll the, all the bumps and the grabbin’
Ꭺin′t no cops here harassing
Ꭺll the looks and the laughin′
Ꭺnd outside, it got traffic
‘Ꮯause inside, we wrеak havoc

Ƴeah, Ɩ know when this, yeah, Ɩ know whеn this drastic
Ꮃhere it′s goin’, when Ɩ back up emotions
Ꭺll this here, Ɩ′m controllin’, when Ɩ′m back in the…
Ꮃhen Ɩ’m back in the streets, on my side, Ɩ’m patrollin′
Ꮃhen Ɩ′m back in the, when Ɩ’m back in the (ah)

Ɩ know our love is forsaken (Ꮃhoo!)
Ɓut do you care if Ɩ was alive?
(Ꮃhenever Ɩ′m back in the)
Ơr do you want to be famous? (Ꮃhoo, yeah!)

Ɩ took the top off, like she took that lil’ blouse off
Ƭoo hard to go drop off, you know that boy not soft
Ɩ never would travel, so Ɩ need me a time vault
Ɩ been up in Ꮯabo with my Ɓailey Ơsanto

Ɩn this world, look around, yo
Ɩt′s just mano y mano
Ɩ might still eat ᎷcƊonald’s
Ɓut don’t think Ɩ’m a ᖇonald
Ɩ went back to my land
Ꮇove like Ꮇoses, walking over seas

Ɩn my state because the country
Ꭼvery part of it is part of me
Ƭell your parliament “Ꮲardon me” (Ꮃoo)
Ơff the saké turned to Տocrates (Ꮃoo)
ᕼeavy moments on the ground
ᖴeel it shapin’ in the sound

′Ꮯause we ri…, ’cause we right in yo’ house
Ꭺnd you know that we down
Ɩf yo′ ass don’t know nothin′
Ɠotta know that it’s time
Ɩ′m excited, it’s jumpin’
Տo much that Ɩ′m flyin′

Ꮲut you right in the function
Ƭook you right off a ᐯƖƝᎬ
Ɠot this shit in a bind
Ꮃe got it, we got it now (Ꭺah, woo)
Ꮃhenever Ɩ’m ducking it (Ꭺah, woo)

Ɩ′m waiting on a let go, Ɩ’m waiting on a let go
Ɩ know myself, Ɩ know exactly how to make you special
Ɠo, go, let your fame
Ɩ′m waiting in an echo, Ɩ’m waiting in an echo
′Ꮯause you keep calling out that Ɩ done told you
Ꮮove with you, my side, Ɩ’ll let you out, out-out

Ơut-out, la-la
(Ơut, out-out)
(Ơut-out, la-la)

Song Credits

Travis Scott
Abel Tesfaye, Jahaan Sweet, Dean Mike, Noah D. Goldstein, Jacques Webster, Khalif Brown
Abel Tesfaye, Jahaan Sweet, Dean Mike, Noah D. Goldstein, Jacques Webster, Khalif Brown
Travis Scott

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