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your place is a mesmerizing English song brought to life by the exceptional talent of Ashley Cooke. The heartfelt lyrics and captivating composition of this track are the result of the brilliant collaboration between the esteemed songwriters Jordan Minton, Mark Allen Trussell, and Ashley Cooke herself.

This beautiful song earned its well-deserved spot on the album “Shot in the Dark – Extended Sampler,” thoughtfully released on July 7th, 2023. The album has been eagerly anticipated by music enthusiasts worldwide, and “Your Place” shines as one of its most cherished gems. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and poignant storytelling of “Your Place” as you listen to this soulful creation. Ashley Cooke’s your place lyrics are provided below.

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your place Song Details:

Album : your place
Singer(s) : Ashley Cooke
Lyricist(s) : Jordan Minton, Mark Allen Trussell, Ashley Cooke
Composers(s) : Jordan Minton, Mark Allen Trussell, Ashley Cooke
Genre(s) : Country
Starring : Ashley Cooke

your place Song Video:

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