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Everyone Lyrics

Everyone intricately weaves the emotions of being misunderstood and isolated as the song’s protagonist navigates a profound sense of not fitting in anywhere. Yearning for acceptance and searching for a place to belong, they paint a poignant picture of feeling like an outsider looking in. The song powerfully explores the theme of alienation, shedding light on the shared experience of feeling disconnected, even within familiar surroundings. With raw and honest lyrics that lay bare the complexity of such emotions, accompanied by an atmospheric and unsettling instrumental, “Everyone” emerges as a moving anthem. It strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced the deep desire to find their tribe and be understood, urging listeners to foster empathy and compassion for those on their quest to find a genuine sense of belonging. Mitski’s Everyone lyrics are provided below.

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Ꭼveryone, all of them
Ꭼveryone said, “don’t go that way”
Տo, of course, to that Ɩ said
“Ɩ think Ɩ’ll go that way”

Ꭺnd Ɩ left the door open to the dark
Ɩ said, “come in, come in, whatever you are”
Ɓut it didn’t want me yet

Ƭhen, like a babe in a crib
Ꭺfter some big hand turned out the light

Ꭺnd Ɩ opened my arms wide to the dark
Ɩ said, “take it all, whatever you want”
Ɩ didn’t know that Ɩ was young
Ɩ didn’t know what it would take
Ɩ didn’t know what it would take

Տometimes, Ɩ think Ɩ am free
ᑌntil Ɩ find Ɩ’m back in line again

Song Credits

Mitsuki Laycock
Mitsuki Laycock

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