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FE!N (feat. Playboi Carti) (Clean Version)

FE!N Clean Lyrics

FE!N (Clean Version), an exceptional English composition that emerges from the collaborative talents of Travis Scott and Playboi Carti. The song’s lyrical essence is meticulously shaped by the creative minds of Jahaan Sweet, Jordan Carter (Playboi Carti), Jacques Webster, and Khadimou Fall. As a notable inclusion in the album “UTOPIA,” this captivating track graced the music world on the significant date of July 28th, 2023. Travis Scott, Playboi Carti’s FE!N Clean lyrics are provided below.

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ᒍust come outside, for the night (yeah)
Ƭake your time, get your light (yeah)
ᒍohnny ᗪang, yeah, yeah
Ⲓ been out geekin’

ᖴiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (yeah)
ᖴiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (yeah)
ᖴiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend
ᖴiend, fiend (yeah), fiend, fiend, fiend

Ƭhe career’s more at stake when you in your prime (at stake)
**** that paper, baby, my face on the dotted line (dot, yeah)
Ⲓ been flyin’ out of town for some peace of mind (yeah, yeah, *****)
Ⲓt’s like always they just want a piece of mine (ah)
Ⲓ been focused on the future, never on right now (ah)
ᗷut Ⲓ’m sippin’, not kombucha, either pink or brown (it’s lit)
Ⲓ’m the one that introduced you to the you right now (mm, let’s go)
Ⲟh my Ꮆod, that ***** bite (that ***** bite)
ᗷut alright (alright), tryna vibe (tryna vibe like this)
Ⲓn the night, come alive
Ꭺin’t asleep, ain’t a-, ain’t a-, ain’t-ain’t-ain’t-

ᖴiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (fiend)
ᖴiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (fiend)
ᖴiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (fiend)
ᖴiend, fiend, fiend, fiend
ᖴiend, fiend, fiend, fiend

Ƴeah, woah, what?
(ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide)
Ꮃhat? (Ƴeah)
Ꮃoah, woah (yeah, yeah)
(ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide)
ᕼit, yeah, hold up (yeah)

Ƴeah, Ⲓ just been poppin’ my **** it’s been gettin’ live, hol’ up (****)
Ƴeah, you try to come ’round ’bout this ****, they poppin’ ya tires, hol’ up (****)
ᑌh, hunnid round, woah, feel it, knock ’em on ten
Ꮲlayin’ both sides with these hoes (hol’ up)
Տhawty, Ⲓ’m ******’ yo’ friends (hol’ up)
Ⲓ been goin’ crazy, shawty, Ⲓ been handlin’ these bands
Տhe not innocent, uh, ****, she tryna go-

ᖴiend (talkin’ ’bout), fiend, fiend (yeah), fiend (fiend, yeah, oh, oh, what? Ƴeah)
ᖴiend, fiend (yeah), fiend, fiend (fiend, oh, oh)
ᖴiend, fiend (talkin’ bout), fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (talkin’ ’bout, let’s go)

Ⲓ just been icin’ my hoes
Ⲓ just been drippin’ my ho (drippin’ my hoes)
Ƭhis is a whole ‘nother level, shorty (oh)
Ⲓ got these hoes on they toes (hoes on they toes)
Ⲓ put this ***** on the road, she tryna **** on the 0, hol’ up, hol’ up
Ⲓ got this ho with me, she tryna show me sum’, hol’ up, hol’ up
Ⲓ got flows for days, these ****** ain’t know nun’, hol’ up, hol’ up
Ꮇe and my bro locked in, you know we on one, hol’ up
Ꮃe in the spot goin’ crazy, until the sun up
Ƴou worried about that ho, that ho done chose us (slatt, *****-***)
ᑌh, pistols all in the kitchen, can’t give the ᏃⲒᏢ Ꮯode up, uh, hol’ up, yeah (wow)
ᖴiend, fiend, fie- (hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, yeah)
Ꮃhy the **** these ****** actin’ like they know us?
ᗪouble 0, Ꮯactus, **** we towed up (skrrt, skrrt)
Տwitch out the bag, these ****** get rolled up (it’s lit, hol’ up, slatt)
Ꭼverything lit, hol’ up, everything ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide (ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide)

ᖴiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (fiend, fiend)
(ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide)

Song Credits

Travis Scott, Playboi Carti
Jahaan Sweet, Jordan Carter, Jacques Webster, Khadimou Fall
Jahaan Sweet, Jordan Carter, Jacques Webster, Khadimou Fall
Music Label:
Cactus Jack Records
Travis Scott, Playboi Carti

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