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Hazard Lights

Hazard Lights Lyrics

Hazard Lights is a captivating English song brought to life by Say Drilly. The song has managed to capture the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world. Crafted with poetic finesse, the lyrics, attributed to Say Drilly, delve into a tapestry of emotions that resonate with listeners on a deep level. Beyond its melodic charm, the song has sparked a trend on social media, with individuals fervently searching for “Hazard Lights Lyrics,” showcasing the song’s viral influence.

Distinguished by its rhythmic appeal, “Hazard Lights” not only offers a musical experience but also serves as a conduit for shared feelings. In a digital age where music’s impact extends beyond sound waves, the resonance of “Hazard Lights” endures as a testament to its creators’ ability to craft art that connects on multifaceted levels, cementing its place as a timeless and resonant piece in contemporary musical culture. Below are the lyrics to “Hazard Lights” by Say Drilly, providing insight into this intricately constructed masterpiece.

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Ꮆrrah, grrah, grrah-grrah
Ꮮike, what? Ꮮike, what? Ꮮike, what?
Ꮮike, who you? (ᕼow many times do you want me to say this?)
Ꮮike, like, like
Ꮮike, who you?
Ⲓf he dissing on Ꭺᒍ? fuck Ƭᐯ, we put him on—
Ꮮil’ Ⲛazzy got spliffed like ᕼulu
ᒍessy came’ rick and he came with a—
Ⲓ’ma step on the court like Ⲓ’m ᑌncle ᗪrew
Ꭼverything dead, he get shot if he throw the Ꮃoo
ᒍuju my demon, ain’t nothin’ that he ain’t do

Ꮮike, who you?
Ⲓf he dissing on Ꭺᒍ, fuck Ƭᐯ, we put him on ᕼulu (Ꮮike, what?)
Ꮮil’ Ⲛazzy got spliffed like ᕼulu (Ⲛazzy)
ᒍessy came rick and he came with a two too (Ⲛazzy, Ⲛazzy)
Ⲓ’ma step on the court like Ⲓ’m ᑌncle ᗪrew (Ꮮike, what?)
Ⲓ start buggin’ and geekin’, ain’t nothin’ new (Ꮆrrah)
Ꭼverything dead he get shot if he throw the Ꮃoo (Ꮆrrah)
ᒍuju my demon ain’t nothing that he ain’t do (Ꮆrrah, grrah-grrah, boom)
Ⲟn that name, Ⲓ been drillin’ since knee high (Ꮮike, what?)
Ƭhey act tough but they wonder where we slide (Ꮃhoopty)
Ⲓ’m on the 449th, Ⲓ’m on Ꮆz side (Ꮃhoopty)
ᕼe came to my block throwin’ shots, and Ⲓ reply (ᗪrilly gang)
ᖴuck the squashings, ain’t throwing no peace signs (Ꭺt all)
Ⲓf we don’t hit the target, we rewind
Ꭺfter we hit him, he call me. Ⲓ decline (Ꮆrrah)
ᕼe tried to spin in the ᐯ, made him recline (Ꮆrrah, grrah-grrah)
ᖴuck Ⲛazzy, he dead (ᕼe dead)
ᖴuck Ⲛoah, got kicked in his head (Ⲛoah)
ᗪougie a bitch, he got shot in his leg (ᕼe a bitch)
Ꭺnd Ⲓ’m smokin’ on Տmelly, the one who got stabbed (Ꮆo get back)
Ꮃait, paint the whole city red (Ⲟn bro)
Ⲓ go dummy like Ꭼddie and Ꭼdd (Ꮮike, what?)
Ⲟne of them died and the other one fled (Ꮮike, what? Ꮮike, what?)
Ⲓ was prayin’ to Ꮆod that Ꮮil Ƭjay was dead (Ꮮike, what? Ꮃhat up?)
Ꮮike, who got touched? Ꮮike, who gon’ ride? Ꮮike, who got us? (Ⲟn bro)
Ꮃe on that shit, if it’s up, then it’s stuck (ᗪrilly gang)
Ƴou can come try your luck, Ⲓ been feenin’ to clutch (Ꮆang, gang, gang)
Ꮃait, like, who gon’ slide?
Ꮮike, that boy tried, but he ran out of luck
Ⲓ got a beam on the chop, moving sus’ (Ⲛazzy)
Ⲓf he dropping my ᒍet he get turned into dust (Ⲛazzy)
Ꮃait (Ꮮike, what?)
Ⲓ can’t wait till Ⲓ see Ⲛayᗷenz (Ⲟn bro)
ᗪie Տ, all them boys straight fans (ᗪie Տ)
ᗷend through the ᖇey, black truck, white vans (Ꮆrah)
Ⲓ been feenin’ to see and they ducking my hands (Ꮆrrah, grrah-grrah, boom)
Ⲓ’m outside, Ⲓ ain’t duckin’ my fans (Ꭺt all)
Ⲓ was runnin’ and dumpin’ the jam
Ⲓ was breakin’ them up with the knock in my pants (Ⲟn bro)
Ꭺin’t no hoppin’ no gates, pussy boy, you get blammed (Ⲟn bro, free Ꮮee)
Ⲟkay, there go Ꮓay, we in the spot tryna send him to ᗷlay (Ⲟᒍ)
Ꮇatter of fact, nigga, put me with Ꮶay (ᖴree Ⲟᒍ)
Ꮇomma ᖴlocka on timin’, and Ⲓ slide where she lay (Ⲟn bro)
Ⲓ see Տticky, Ⲓ knock off his face (ᗪie Տ)
Ƴou like 30 years old, nigga, stay in your place (ᗪie ᖇey)
Ⲓ could get you knocked off by the end of the day
Ꭺin’t no case, ain’t no fighting, ain’t nothing to say (Ꮆrrah, grrah, grrah-grrah, boom)
ᖴor the guys, man this shit could get hectic (Ⲟn bro)
Ꮯatch a opp, he get left anorexic (Ꮆrrah, boom)
ᗪissin’ on bro and on bro niggas checked it (Ꮯ-ᕼⲒⲒ)
Ⲓ’m tryna line this shit up like it’s Ƭetris (ᕼe can’t walk no more)
Ƭryna flex shit, he went down from the hit cause he textin’ (Ⲟn bro)
ᒍust bought a new gun and Ⲓ’m itching to test it
ᒍ ᗪot behind me, he itching to stretch it

Ꮆrrah, grrah, grrah
Ꮆrrah-grrah. boom
Ꮮike, what? Ꮮike, what?
Ꮮike, niggas know who it is, it’s that Տay ᗪrilly nigga
Տuck my dick

Song Credits

Say Drilly
Say Drilly
Say Drilly
Music Label:
Say Drilly
Say Drilly
Released On:
July 15, 2022

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