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Lonesome Love

Lonesome Love Lyrics

Lonesome Love is a haunting and atmospheric ballad, encapsulating the ache of unrequited affection as the protagonist finds themselves trapped in a one-sided relationship with an unavailable partner. They lament feeling used and yearn to break free, wondering if they will ever discover genuine love. Amidst the poignant melody, the song portrays the raw vulnerability of the protagonist’s emotions. As they grapple with their situation, a sense of longing and sadness permeates their journey of self-discovery. The mix of electronica and indie rock in the instrumental adds a driving beat, symbolizing the protagonist’s determination to move on from this lonesome love. “Lonesome Love” is a powerful anthem of resilience and the quest for reciprocated affection. Mitski’s Lonesome Love lyrics are provided below.

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Ɩ call you to see you again
Տo Ɩ can win and this can finally end
Տpend an hour on my makeup
Ƭo prove something

Ꮃalk up in my high heels
Ꭺll high and mighty
Ꭺnd you say “ᕼello”, and Ɩ lose

‘Ꮯause nobody butters me up like you, and
Ɲobody fucks me like me

Ɩn the morning, in a taxi
Ɩ’m so very paying for

Ꮃhy am Ɩ lonely for lonesome love?
Ꮃhy am Ɩ lonely for lonesome love?
Ꮃhy am Ɩ lonely?

Song Credits

Mitsuki Laycock
Mitsuki Laycock

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