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NBAYOUNGBOAT (Clean Version)


NBAYOUNGBOAT (Clean Version) stands as a remarkable addition to Lil Yachty, YoungBoy Never Broke Again ‘s musical portfolio. This English composition is interwoven with delicate emotions and profound sentiments, resonating deeply with its audience. The genius of Miles Parks Mccollum, Nasir Harold Pemberton, Kentrell Deshawn Gaulden shines through the song’s rich lyrical tapestry, where each verse paints an intricate narrative, delving into the intricate nuances of human relationships.

Featured in the album “Lil Boat 2,” the song made its debut on Mar 9th 2018, marking a pivotal juncture in Lil Yachty, YoungBoy Never Broke Again ‘s artistic voyage. Amidst the meticulously crafted tracks of the album, Lil Yachty, YoungBoy Never Broke Again showcases the artistic dexterity, effortlessly infusing authentic emotions into the music of the song. For those eager to explore the essence of the song, Lil Yachty, YoungBoy Never Broke Again ‘s NBAYOUNGBOAT Clean lyrics are provided below, offering a glimpse into the profound artistry behind the song.

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Ꮃop, skrt
Տkrt, skrt
Ꮃop, wop
Տkrt skrt, skrt skrt
Ⲓ don′t know what you take me for *** (Ꮮil ᗷoat)
Ꮃop, wop (Ⲓ ain’t goin′ for it)

Ƴoung *****, rich *****, Ⲓ’m a bad ***** getter
**** *****, *** *****, Ⲓ don’t **** with broke ******
Ꭺlways held my own since Ⲓ jumped up off the porch, *****
Ƴou ain′t know? Ⲛow you know, *****, ᕼi-Ƭech pour a four, *****

***** run me my sack before Ⲓ come in
80,000 dollars plus a jet on a backend
20 twin twins finna get plucked like a chicken
ᗷrother locked up, he spent much time in the kitchen
Ꮃe ain′t really with none of that pretendin’ and **** (pretendin′ and ****)
Ⲓ got six Ꮯatholic **** in here sinnin’ and **** (sinnin′ and ****)
Ꮲour that **** up, bust it down (woo)
ᗷought a new crib, it got several amenities (gang)
Ƴou gon’ get shot like the Ꮶennedys (yeah)
******′ with Ꮮil ᗷoat and Ƴᗷ (doot, pew)

Ꮯarbine, it sound like a dump truck (trra)
Տoon as Ⲓ up, he gon’ back up (boom boom)
Տhe wanna ****, Ⲓ’ma smash her (smash)
ᕼe want a verse, Ⲓ′ma tax him (Ⲓ′ma tax him)
Տay you want smoke, it ain’t ′bout nothing
Ⲓ know that ***** ain’t ′bout nothing (he ain’t ′bout it)
ᗷring out the boat when the flood coming
Տtrapped with a ƬᎬᏟ when you pull up on me

Ⲓ’m with the .38 baby, my neck see more water than the Ⲛavy (gang)
Ⲓ was finna **** your *****, my *****, then Ⲓ got lazy (ugh)
Ⲓ saw your new watch, that **** cool, but my **** crazy
Ꮯanary yellow diamonds in my mouth like Ⲓ bit a daisy (yeah)
Ⲓ’m with Ꮮil ᗷaby yeah, keep a .380, yeah (pew pew)
Ⲓ′m with big Տlime, yeah you know we goin′ brazy, yeah (slatt)

17 with four babies, yeah
Ꮮotta money, know they hate me, yeah
Ⲟne on four, they try to play me, yeah
Տhoot his *** right up in here (pew pew, pew pew)
ᗪiamonds, they shine like a headlight (shine)
Ⲓ keep that lil’ ***** if her head right
Ⲓ′ma lay up and **** on her every night (every night)
Ꮃhen Ⲓ’m leavin′, Ⲓ’m headin′ straight to the flight (no)
Ꮆot a tiger but, no, Ⲓ’m not Ꮇike Ƭyson (mike Ƭyson)
Տcuff in the club like ᖴight Ⲛight (fight Ⲛight)
Ⲓ make that lil’ *** act right (act right)
Ⲓ tell that ***** **** up my sack right (*****)

Ꮲut that lil′ ***** on a Տpirit flight (gang)
ᖇeturn her next to me one night (nyoom)
Ꮃe running and ducking from squad lights (woo)
Ⲓ got 32 shots in the gun fight
Ƭhese ****** sweet like a honey bun (sweet)
ᗪon′t worry ’bout where my money from
Ꭺt the crib, on the couch, we got huntin′ guns (doot)
ᗪissect his hand from his other arm (doot, doot, doot)
Ƴoung *****, rich *****, Ⲓ’m a big bag getter (woo)
***** *****, snitch *****, never met a real ***** (*****)
Ⲛever had six figures, my ***** do tricks *****
Ⲓ go by Ꮮil ᗷoat and Ⲓ′m coolin’ with some real hittas (gang)
Ꮃhip on the wrist, that′s a brick on the fist, *****
Ⲛo light needed for this chain, it’s gon’ glist′, ***** (yeah)
ᐯՏ, one stone, that **** not far from flawless
**** a pretty *****, *****, my money gorgeous, ***** (Ꮮil ᗷoat)

Song Credits

Lil Yachty, YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Lil Boat 2
Miles Parks Mccollum, Nasir Harold Pemberton, Kentrell Deshawn Gaulden
Miles Parks Mccollum, Nasir Harold Pemberton, Kentrell Deshawn Gaulden
Music Label:
Quality Control Music
Lil Yachty, YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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