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Divine & King to Light Up IPL 2023 Closing Ceremony with Jonita Gandhi & Nucleya


Brace yourselves for a star-studded IPL 2023 closing ceremony that promises an evening of unforgettable performances. As the final match of the Indian Premier League draws near, fans can look forward to an exhilarating showcase of talent at The Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on May 28th.

The official Twitter handle of the Indian Premier League recently made exciting announcements, revealing the lineup for the closing ceremony and generating a buzz among fans. According to the tweets, DIVINE and Jonita Gandhi are set to take the stage during the IPL Mid Show, captivating audiences with their exceptional musical prowess.

DIVINE, the Mumbai-based rapper known for his electrifying tracks, has been a trailblazer in the Indian music industry. His raw and captivating style has resonated with millions, and his songs have become anthems that portray the essence of Mumbai’s street life. Fans can expect DIVINE to deliver an energetic and powerful performance that will have the stadium buzzing with excitement.

Joining DIVINE in the IPL Mid Show is the talented and versatile singer Jonita Gandhi. With her soulful and melodious voice, Jonita has won the hearts of audiences worldwide. Having made her singing debut with the title track of the blockbuster film ‘Chennai Express,’ she has since delivered stellar performances in multiple languages, showcasing her incredible vocal range. Jonita’s presence at the closing ceremony guarantees a mesmerizing experience for all in attendance.

In addition to the Mid Show performances, King and Nucleya are all set to kickstart the evening with their power-packed acts before the IPL final match begins at 6 p.m. These dynamic artists will bring their unique styles to the stage, setting the tone for an exhilarating night.

King, the talented singer, rapper, and songwriter, rose to fame as a Top 5 finalist on the MTV reality show ‘MTV Hustle’ in 2019. His chart-topping hits, including “Tu Aake Dekhle” and “Maan Meri Jaan,” have dominated the music charts, amassing millions of streams on digital platforms. King’s magnetic stage presence and infectious energy will undoubtedly create an electrifying atmosphere for the audience.

Sharing the stage with King is the iconic DJ and music producer, Nucleya. Known as the pioneer of Indian bass music, Nucleya has been instrumental in defining a genre unique to the country. With his signature sound and energetic beats, he has become one of India’s most popular independent artists. Nucleya’s performances are renowned for their high-octane energy and the fusion of Indian elements with bass-heavy tracks, making him a crowd favorite.

As the IPL 2023 reaches its climactic finale, the closing ceremony promises to be a grand celebration of music and cricket. DIVINE and Jonita Gandhi will captivate audiences during the IPL Mid Show, while King and Nucleya will ignite the atmosphere with their power-packed performances. Fans can expect an evening filled with incredible talent, energetic beats, and an unforgettable experience at The Narendra Modi Stadium.

Make sure to mark your calendars for May 28th and witness these phenomenal artists as they create magic on the stage, setting the tone for an epic IPL final.

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