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Maharani Fame Arpit Bala Responds to Bengaluru Concert Controversy


Arpit Bala, the streamer, YouTube personality, and rapper from Faridabad, India, found himself embroiled in controversy after an altercation during a concert in Koramangala, Bengaluru. Video footage of the incident went viral on Twitter, sparking accusations that Arpit had engaged in violence, particularly against a female attendee. However, Arpit took to his social media platforms to provide his account of what transpired.

According to Arpit, the concert venue was packed to maximum capacity, leading to a tense atmosphere exacerbated by fights breaking out among attendees. Consequently, the concert was temporarily halted after just one song, with security personnel intervening to manage the situation before resuming the show.

After the performance concluded, Arpit recounted an unsettling encounter upon leaving the washroom. He described being surrounded by several bouncers and attendees, among whom he alleged an individual attempted to sexually assault him. Arpit vehemently denied any physical altercation on his part, asserting that he responded by firmly grabbing the assailant’s hand and vocalizing his objection.

Arpit went on to detail the distressing nature of the incident, highlighting that the individual’s actions escalated from an initial attempt to touch his buttocks to a more invasive attempt to reach his crotch area. He expressed his shock and outrage at the violation of his personal space, emphasizing that such behavior was unacceptable and warranted a vocal response.

Arpit stressed that while he welcomes interaction with fans, he draws a firm line against any form of sexual harassment or assault. He underscored that purchasing a ticket to his show does not grant anyone the right to infringe upon his personal boundaries.

Moreover, Arpit challenged critics to review the venue’s CCTV footage, confident that it would vindicate him of any wrongdoing. He emphasized that the individuals seen engaging in physical altercations in the video were the venue’s security personnel, not him.

Despite facing criticism, Arpit remained steadfast in his stance, expressing no remorse for his actions in what he perceived as self-defense against an attempted violation of his dignity and personal space.

As the controversy continues to unfold online, Arpit Bala’s response highlights the challenges of navigating fame and ensuring personal safety in the public eye. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting boundaries and holding perpetrators of harassment and assault accountable, regardless of their status or prominence.

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