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We don’t need any forgiveness: Le Sserafim


Le Sserafim, the sensational K-pop girl group that has captured hearts worldwide, has just unveiled their highly anticipated first full-length album, “Unforgiven.” With a total of 13 tracks, including the title song “Unforgiven,” this album showcases the group’s determination to break free from societal constraints and forge their own path. The powerful hip-hop punk anthem draws inspiration from the iconic theme soundtrack of the 1966 American Western movie, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” and features the legendary American producer and guitarist, Nile Rodgers.

“Unforgiven” boasts remarkable collaborations with international artists, such as Feli Ferraro, the mastermind behind BTS’ “Run BTS,” and the acclaimed songwriter and producer Benjmn from Roc Nation. Le Sserafim members actively participated in the album’s production during their time in Japan, where they made their official debut earlier this year.

Diverging from their previous EPs, the group showcases their versatility and vocal prowess across various genres in this album. Notably, it includes the heartfelt fan song “Fearnot (Between You, Me and the Lamppost),” a collective creation by all five members, produced by the talented Huh Yunjin, who has already released three self-written songs under her name.

Since their remarkable debut with the EP “Fearless” in May 2022, Le Sserafim has been making waves in the K-pop industry. Their second EP, “Antifragile,” impressively soared to No. 14 on the Billboard 200, securing the group’s position as the fastest K-pop girl group to chart on the albums chart. Moreover, it earned them the coveted title of “million-seller.” With the release of “Unforgiven,” the group is breaking new records once again, surpassing 1.38 million in sales as of April 28, more than double the pre-order sales of their previous EP.

The members of Le Sserafim express their deep gratitude for the unwavering love and support received from their fans in just one year. They eagerly anticipate their upcoming solo concert, where they will showcase their new songs, and dream of embarking on a world tour and even a dome tour in the future. Over the past year, the group has grown even closer, fostering an intimate and unbreakable bond. They consider themselves a family and feel truly blessed to celebrate their first anniversary with the release of their highly-anticipated full-length album, “Unforgiven.”

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