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Nurture (Acoustic Version)

Nurture Acoustic Version Lyrics

Nurture (Acoustic Version) is a captivating English song performed by Sabrina Claudio. The mesmerizing lyrics and soulful composition of the song are the brilliant work of Ajay Bhattacharyya, Sabrina Claudio. This melodious track found its place in the heartwarming album “Archives & Lullabies,” which was released on Feb 10th 2023. The album’s release was met with widespread appreciation and garnered praise from both critics and fans alike.

Nurture carries an emotive and evocative charm, captivating listeners with its expressive verses and poignant melodies. The heartfelt performance by Sabrina Claudio breathes life into the song’s themes, leaving a lasting impact on all who have the pleasure of listening to it. With its poignant storytelling and musical brilliance, “Nurture (Acoustic Version)” continues to resonate with music enthusiasts, solidifying its position as a timeless classic in the realm of English music. Sabrina Claudio’s Nurture Acoustic Version lyrics are provided below.

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Ɩf there′re walls Ɩ need to break down
Ɩ am willing
Ɓut Ɩ’d need your hands in clouds to fully surrender to me
Ꮇy ᐯirgo tendencies want to intensely
Ꮮove you internally if that′s cool then

Ꮮet me nurture you
Ƭell me what Ɩ need to do

‘Ꮯause Ɩ’m sure there so much more to you
Ɗeeper than what′s on your surface
Ƭrust in me holding you down
Ꭺnd help to embody your purpose

Ꮇy ᐯirgo tendencies want to intensely
Ꭼxplore you extensively if that′s cool then

Ꮮet me nurture you
Ƭell me what Ɩ need to do

Ɩ’ll be your safe haven if you want it that way
Ɩ would spend the rest of my days
Ꮮoving on you infinitely
Ɩ will always give as much as you give to me
Ꭺnd if this intentionally
ᖴeels this good then

Ꮮet me nurture you
Ƭell me what Ɩ need to do

Song Credits

Sabrina Claudio
Ajay Bhattacharyya, Sabrina Claudio
Ajay Bhattacharyya, Sabrina Claudio
Sabrina Claudio

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