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Parul Mishra

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Parul Mishra is a skilled Hindustani classical musician hailing from Gorakhpur, a city located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. She has gained recognition as a prominent exponent of this complex and nuanced form of Indian classical music. Mishra’s musical journey began under the tutelage of Sri Prakash Pandey, who not only taught her the basics of Hindustani classical music but also served as her guide and mentor in the world of music.

In recent years, Parul Mishra has gained attention and popularity for her rendition of the song “Mohbhang,” which was featured in the popular web series “Aspirants” produced by TVF (The Viral Fever). The song showcases Mishra’s vocal prowess and command over the Hindustani classical style, which is known for its intricate and melodic structures.

Apart from her musical talent, Parul Mishra is also appreciated for her dedication and passion for promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Indian classical music. Her music not only reflects her mastery of the art form but also highlights the beauty and depth of this rich musical tradition. Parul Mishra’s lyrics in Hindi and in English are provided below.

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