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Real Men

Real Men Lyrics

Real Men thoughtfully explores the emotional journey of its protagonist, who grapples with the weight of societal judgment for not conforming to traditional gender roles. They deeply feel the struggle of not fitting the mold of a “real man,” ascribed with expectations of emotional unavailability and stoicism. The song poignantly portrays the constant comparisons they face with other men, sparking a longing for acceptance and validation of their true self. This haunting and atmospheric ballad immerses listeners in a bittersweet blend of sadness and yearning, as the protagonist navigates their path of self-discovery. While grappling with feelings of inadequacy, they begin to embrace the beauty of their unique identity, finding strength in being authentic. The instrumental artfully blends electronica and indie rock, reflecting the protagonist’s unwavering determination to break free from societal norms and embrace their individuality. “Real Men” emerges as a powerful anthem of resilience, self-acceptance, and the universal quest for recognition beyond confining gender stereotypes. Mitski’s Real Men lyrics are provided below.

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ᖇeal men don’t need other people
Ꭺnd real men suck it in
ᖇeal men don’t flinch or bleed in public
Ơh, Ɩ think Ɩ’m a real man

Ꮮittle boys cry and look around for comfort
Ꭺnd always get what they want
Ꮮittle boys see toys and say, “Ɩ can take that!”
Ơh, you are my little boy

Ƭhough honestly sir, all Ɩ wanna do
Ɩs get naked in front of you
Տo you can look me up and down
Ꭺnd tell me, “Ꮃell done girl, you’re looking good”

ᖇeal men keep cool in the face of a fire
Ɠo down with the ship
Ꭺnd real men don’t eat, ’cause they’re above that, damn it
Ơh, Ɩ’m gonna be a real man

Ƭhough honestly sir, all Ɩ wanna do
Ɩs get naked in front of you
Տo you can look me up and down
Ꭺnd give me your love for being so good

Ɓut little boys hold me, color me
Ꮲraise me, make me feel lovely
ᖴor a little while

Տo little boy, say you want me
‘Ꮯause when Ɩ can’t take it, go ahead
Ɗo it, do it

Song Credits

Mitsuki Laycock
Mitsuki Laycock

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