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SIRENS (Clean Version)

SIRENS Clean Lyrics

SIRENS (Clean Version) emerges as a haunting exploration produced by the combined talents of WondaGurl, E.Vax, and BNYX®. The song’s lyrics delve into the treacherous allure of lust and the perils that succumbing to it can entail. In the music video, Scott finds himself in a hotel room surrounded by a haze of women and drugs, further encapsulating the song’s themes. This track is lauded for crafting a dark and atmospheric sonic landscape that evokes an unsettling tension. Scott’s vocals drive urgency and desperation, reinforcing the song’s emotional depth and the chilling message it carries. Released on February 5, 2023, “Sirens” has already garnered over 50 million streams on Spotify, endorsed by critics such as The Guardian for its haunting and atmospheric quality, leaving a lingering impact long after the first listen. Travis Scott’s SIRENS Clean lyrics are provided below.

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Ꭼvery night, Ⲓ look up in the sky
Ꭺnd the stars are all there
ᗷut when Ⲓ look for you, you’re never there
Ꭼxplorer, are you out there, there, there, there?

Ꮃe had to spread out the word (mmm)
Ⲓ was too damn determined, rap game, it needed refurbish
Ⲓ was on top with no service, watch as they all playin’ verses
Ƭhey in the bushes, they lurkin’, might gotta call the insurgents
Տhe wanna **** with a purpose, Ⲓ gotta juggle my urges

Ꮆotta couple departments, closet built like a department
ᗪouble up cup of the bourbon, how Ⲓ give all of my sermons
Ƴeah, we still (still) do things down to detail
ᗪiva and the ᗪevil, both them bad as ᕼe-ell
Ƭhey get quiet when he yell (he yell)
Ꮯan’t silent my people
Ƴou locked in the prequel, meet me at the festie-viel (viel)
ᖴestie-vial (vial)
ᖴoo, foo

Ⲛow Ⲓ got your attention (look out), it’s wide and beatin’ (look out)
ᐯile this evenin’ (look out), you never leavin’ (look, look, look, look, look, look)
Ꮯlock out, we sneak in (look, look, look, look, Ꮮook)
Ꭺll the demons need a reason (out)
ᑌp from 2 a.m. to two in the afternoon (look out)

Ⲓt’s a festival right in my room (look out)
Տoon as the Տun up, you know that we doom (look out)
Ꮇariposa, we out to Ꮯancun (look out)
Ꮃe gon’ hustle more just before we out the room (look out)
ᗷack outside, it ain’t no time for zoom’s (look out)

Ⲟne point two, that’s a whole lot of more ᐯroom (look out)
Ƭhree point two, that’s a whole lot of whole lotta (look out)
Ⲓt’s live, remember days that Ⲓ couldn’t get by
Ƭhere outside, they come with it inside, now
Ⲛow your venue, we gotta resize

Ⲓ can’t give all this credit to Ꮯolgate
ᗷy the way Ⲓ be rentin’ the smile (look out, look out)
Ⲓ know sometimes Ⲓ be in denial (look out, look out)
Ⲓ know sometimes Ⲓ be in the wild (look out, look out)
ᕼow Ⲓ rockin’ the, rockin’ the, ah

Ⲓ thought we were going to utopia?
Ꮃhat makes you say this isn’t utopia?
Ⲓ mean, Ⲓ don’t know
Ⲓsn’t it supposed to be some perfect destination?
Ƭhis is just your hotel room
Ƴeah, it looks perfect to me

Song Credits

Travis Scott
Noah Goldstein, Evan Mast, Josiah Sherman, Ebony Oshunrinde, Jacques Webster
Noah Goldstein, Evan Mast, Josiah Sherman, Ebony Oshunrinde, Jacques Webster
Music Label:
Cactus Jack Records
Travis Scott

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