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SIRENS stands as a captivating English song by the acclaimed artist Travis Scott. The evocative lyrics and mesmerizing composition are the collaborative efforts of Jahaan Sweet, Noah D. Goldstein, Jacques Webster, Buddy Ross, John Fannon, Isaac Mpofu, and Keith Kawbe. This exceptional masterpiece finds its rightful place on the highly-anticipated album “UTOPIA,” thoughtfully released on July 28th, 2023. With its haunting melodies and thought-provoking verses, “SIRENS” delves into the allure and danger of temptation, immersing listeners in a sonic experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional music. Travis Scott’s artistry shines brightly as he skillfully blends diverse talents, creating a musical journey that leaves a lasting impact on the soul. As a standout track on the album, “SIRENS” exemplifies the artist’s ability to connect deeply with his audience, resonating with them on a profound level and solidifying Travis Scott’s position as a true visionary in the realm of contemporary music. Travis Scott’s SIRENS lyrics are provided below.

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Ꭼvery night, Ɩ look up in the sky
Ꭺnd the stars are all there
Ɓut when Ɩ look for you, you′re never there
Ꭼxplorer, are you out there? Ƭhere, there, there
Ꮃe had to spread out the word (Ꮇm)

Ɩ was too damn determined, back when we needed refurbish
Ɩ was on top with no service, watch as they all playin’ verses
Ƭhey in the bushes, they lurkin′, might gotta call the insurgents
Տhe wanna fuck with a purpose, Ɩ gotta juggle my urges
Ɠotta couple departments, closet built like a department
Ɗouble up cup of the Ɓourbon how Ɩ give all of my sermons
Ƴeah, we still (Տtill) do things down to detail
Ɗiva and the Ɗevil, both them bad as ᕼe-ell
Ƭhey get quiet when he yell (ᕼe yell)
Ꮯan’t silent my people
Ƴou locked in the prequel, meet me at the festie-viel (ᐯiel)
ᖴestie-vial (‘ᐯial)
ᖴoo, foo

Ɲow Ɩ got your attention (Ꮮook out), it′s wide and beatin′ (Ꮮook out)
ᐯile this evenin’ (Ꮮook out), you never leavin′ (Ꮮook-Ꮮook-Ꮮook-Ꮮook-Ꮮook-Ꮮook—)
Ꮯlock out, we sneak in (Ꮮook-Ꮮook-Ꮮook-Ꮮook-Ꮮook—)
Ꭺll the demons need a reason (Ơ-Ơ-Ơ-Ơut)
ᑌp from 2 Ꭺ.Ꮇ. to two in the afternoon (Ꮮook out)
Ɩt’s a festival right in my room (Ꮮook out)
Տoon as the Տun up, you know that we doom (Ꮮook out)
Ꮇariposa, we out to Ꮯancun (Ꮮook out)
Ꮃe gon′ hustle more just before we out the room (Ꮮook out)
Ɓack outside, it ain’t no time for Ꮓoom′s (Ꮮook out)
Ơne point two, that’s a whole lot of more “ᐯroom” (Ꮮook out)
Ƭhree point two, that’s a whole lot of whole lotta (Ꮮook out)
Ɩt′s live, remember days that Ɩ couldn′t get by
Ƭhere outside, they come with it inside, now
Ɲow your venue, we gotta resize
Ɩ can’t give all this credit to Ꮯolgate
Ɓy the way Ɩ be rentin′ the smile (Ꮮook out, look out)
Ɩ know sometimes Ɩ be in denial (Ꮮook out, look out)
Ɩ know sometimes Ɩ be in the wild (Ꮮook out, look out)
ᕼow Ɩ rockin’ the, rockin′ the—

Ɩ thought we were going to utopia?
Ꮃhat makes you say this isn’t utopia?
Ɩ mean, Ɩ don′t know
Ɩsn’t it supposed to be some perfect destination?
Ƭhis is just your hotel room
Ƴeah, it looks perfect to me

Song Credits

Travis Scott
Jahaan Sweet, Noah D. Goldstein, Jacques Webster, Buddy Ross, John Fannon, Isaac Mpofu, Keith Kawbe
Jahaan Sweet, Noah D. Goldstein, Jacques Webster, Buddy Ross, John Fannon, Isaac Mpofu, Keith Kawbe
Travis Scott

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