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Tum (1st Verse)

Tum (1st Verse) Lyrics

Tum (1st Verse) is a captivating Hindi Indie Pop masterpiece, brought to life by the artistic prowess of Justh. The song’s lyrics and music are the handiwork of Justh, demonstrating expertise in both composition and production, capturing the essence of this creation through versatile talent. Tum (1st Verse) was released as a part of the album First Verses on January 20, 2021. The song has captivated many and is often searched for with the query “Tum (1st Verse) Lyrics”. Below, you’ll find the lyrics for Justh’s “Tum (1st Verse)”, offering a glimpse into the profound artistry behind the song.

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Romanized Script
Native Script

Main shayar hoon toh tum shayari
Main gehri saans hoon toh tum zindagi
Main ‘gar aawaaz hoon toh tum mausiqi
Main jab bhi main hoon toh tum bekhudi

Duniya yeh saari se zyada ho tum
Khushiyon se jode, woh dhaaga ho tum
Ek tum ho toh rahat hai, kam hain yeh gham
Tum ho toh khud se bhi zyada hain hum

Tum ho toh, tum ho toh rooh hai naram si
Tum ho toh, tum ho toh poore hain hum bhi

मैं शायर हूँ तो तुम शायरी
मैं गहरी साँस हूँ तो तुम ज़िंदगी
मैं ‘गर आवाज़ हूँ तो तुम मौसीक़ी
मैं जब भी मैं हूँ तो तुम बेख़ुदी

दुनिया ये सारी से ज़्यादा हो तुम
ख़ुशियों से जोड़े, वो धागा हो तुम
एक तुम हो तो राहत है, कम हैं ये ग़म
तुम हो तो ख़ुद से भी ज़्यादा हैं हम

तुम हो तो, तुम हो तो रूह है नरम सी
तुम हो तो, तुम हो तो पूरे हैं हम भी

Song Credits

First Verses
Music Label:
Released On:
January 20, 2021

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