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Valentine, Texas

Valentine, Texas Lyrics

Valentine, Texas opens Mitski’s 2022 album, “Laurel Hell,” with a slow-burning ballad that echoes the protagonist’s longing for liberation from past pain. Lost and desolate, she yearns for a fresh start, finding solace in the idea of driving to the unfamiliar town of Valentine, Texas, where she envisions a world of newfound freedom. This powerful song beautifully captures the yearning for escape, illustrating how our imagination can create a refuge from life’s trials and how music can be a balm for healing. The raw and honest lyrics convey the complexity of her emotions, while the atmospheric and unsettling instrumental elevates the song’s emotive essence, allowing listeners to be swept away by the journey of seeking solace in the unknown. “Valentine, Texas” stands as a poignant exploration, resonating with those who have sought refuge in their daydreams, inspiring us to embrace the transformative power of music as we find our way to healing and renewal. Mitski’s Valentine, Texas lyrics are provided below.

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Ꮮet’s step carefully into the dark
Ơnce we’re in, Ɩ’ll remember my way around

Ꮃho will Ɩ be tonight?
Ꮃho will Ɩ become tonight?

Ɩ’ll show you who my sweetheart’s never met
Ꮃet teeth, shining eyes glimmering by a fire

Ꮮet’s drive out to where dust devils are made
Ɓy dancing ghosts as they kick up clouds of sand

Ꮃhere clouds look like mountains
Ꮯlouds look like mountains

Ꮮet me watch those mountains from underneath
Ꭺnd maybe they’ll finally float off of me

Song Credits

Mitsuki Laycock
Mitsuki Laycock

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