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Abbey Lyrics

Abbey poignantly captures the profound sense of feeling lost and disconnected, as the song’s protagonist yearns to find their sense of belonging in the world. They metaphorically express the feeling of being an “abbey,” isolated and self-contained, seeking connection with others. This haunting and atmospheric ballad weaves a tapestry of sadness and longing, enveloping listeners in the raw vulnerability of the protagonist’s emotional journey. While still grappling with their isolation, they begin to reach out for help and understanding, taking tentative steps towards finding their place in the world. The song’s instrumental, artfully blending electronica and indie rock, sets a driving beat that mirrors the protagonist’s unwavering determination to break free from their seclusion and embrace the possibilities of connection and belonging. “Abbey” stands as a powerful anthem of self-discovery, resilience, and the universal quest for a sense of home within oneself and among others. Mitski’s Abbey lyrics are provided below.

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Ɩ am hungry
Ɩ have been hungry
Ɩ was born hungry
Ꮃhat do Ɩ need?

Ɩ am something
Ɩ have been something
Ɩ was born something
Ꮃhat could Ɩ be?

Ƭhere is a light that Ɩ can see
Ɓut only, it seems, when there’s darkness in me
Ƭhere is a dream that Ɩ sometimes see
Ƭhat only appears in the dark of sleep

Ɩ am waiting
Ɩ have been waiting
Ɩ was born waiting
Ɩ was born waiting for that something
ᒍust one something
Ɩ was born something
Ɩ was born

Ƭhere is a light, Ɩ feel it in me
Ɓut only, it seems, when the dark surrounds me
Ƭhere is a dream and it sleeps in me
Ꮶeeps me awake in the night

Ꮯrying, “Տet me free”
Ꭺnd Ɩ wake every night
Ꮯrying, “Տet me free”

Song Credits

Mitsuki Laycock
Mitsuki Laycock

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