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Rosie Darling

Rosie Darling | Biography, Songs & Lyrics

Rosie Darling is a pop singer/songwriter known for her introspective and confessional approach to music. Born in Boston and currently based in Los Angeles, Rosie’s journey as a musician has been marked by personal growth and artistic exploration. With her forthcoming debut LP on Nettwerk, Rosie delves even deeper into her emotions and experiences, crafting gorgeously arranged, minimal pop that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Rosie describes herself as a naturally confessional songwriter, using her own life experiences as a foundation for her music. Her forthcoming album showcases her vulnerability like never before, delving into topics such as letting go of relationships that no longer serve her. Rosie acknowledges that these songs feel elevated and represent a more mature version of herself. She moves beyond simply expressing hurt feelings and explores the deeper question of why she allowed herself to be hurt.

When it comes to her songwriting process, Rosie begins with a single word or idea and collaborates creatively to build upon it. She is drawn to layered lyricism and strives to incorporate metaphors that reveal themselves over time. Rosie embraces risks and vulnerability in her writing, pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional pop structure to create something unique and compelling.

Rosie’s musical journey began at a young age. At 14, she already identified as a singer-songwriter and recording artist, drawing inspiration from artists like Taylor Swift. As she pursued her education, Rosie’s passion for music continued to grow. She studied communications in North Carolina and even explored the vibrant music scene in Nashville. However, it was in Los Angeles during an internship that Rosie truly felt a connection with the city’s culture and beaches, solidifying her decision to pursue a career in music.

At just 23 years old, Rosie has already achieved significant success in the music industry. She collaborated with EDM producer OKO on the track “L.A.” in 2017, showcasing her powerful vocals. Rosie’s breakout hit, “Coping,” further propelled her career, earning over eight million streams and reaching number five on the India Viral Daily Charts, as well as multiple Spotify Viral 50 charts. The song, which captures the emotions surrounding the end of a relationship, showcases Rosie’s ability to create deeply emotive and relatable music.

Rosie’s EP Coping, which features “Coping” and other tracks produced by talented artists like Andy Seltzer, Justin Gammella, The Wavys, and Cooper Holzman, continues her exploration of bittersweet themes and personal growth. While her approach is predominantly piano-centric, she is also open to incorporating electronic music elements, drawing from her appreciation for EDM. Rosie expresses her desire to collaborate with producers and DJs in the future, envisioning herself performing alongside renowned artists like Zedd.

Despite the challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Rosie’s music has resonated with audiences worldwide. While live performances and extensive touring remain on hold, she has been thrilled to receive positive feedback from fans across the globe. From hearing her song play on Australian radio to connecting with listeners in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and India, Rosie is grateful for the impact her music has made.

As Rosie continues to navigate the evolving music industry and eagerly awaits the return of live performances, she remains focused on creating meaningful music that touches the hearts of her listeners. With her forthcoming debut LP, Rosie Darling is poised to establish herself as a powerful voice in the pop music landscape, captivating audiences with her introspection, vulnerability, and beautifully crafted songs. Below you can check out the lyrics to some of Rosie Darling’s popular songs.

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