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Bansi Sab Sur Tyage Hai

Zubair Ali Tabish


Bansi Sab Sur Tyage Hai

Bansi Sab Sur Tyage Hai (बंसी सब सुर त्यागे है) is a Hindi poetry written by Zubair Ali Tabish. This evocative piece of verse has garnered attention on various social media platforms. Many individuals frequently search for the written transcription of “Bansi Sab Sur Tyage Hai.” Below, you will find Zubair Ali Tabish’s “Bansi Sab Sur Tyage Hai” in both Hindi and English.

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Romanized Script
Native Script

Bansi sab sur tyage hai, ek hi sur mein baaje hai
Haal na poocho Mohan ka, sab kuch Radhe-Radhe hai

बंसी सब सुर त्यागे है, एक ही धुन में बाजे है
हाल ना पूछो मोहन का, सब कुछ राधे-राधे है

Bansi Sab Sur Tyage HaiLyrics Credits

Zubair Ali Tabish
Zubair Ali Tabish
Zubair Ali Tabish

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