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Blue Light Lyrics

Blue Light paints a poignant portrait of solitude and yearning, where the song’s protagonist finds themselves ensnared in their own inner world, desperately seeking a connection with another soul. As they navigate the darkness of their thoughts, they express a profound sense of being the only one awake at night, questioning whether others share the same emotional burden. The haunting and atmospheric ballad evokes a delicate blend of sorrow and longing, mirroring the depths of their isolation. While grappling with their loneliness, the protagonist gradually acknowledges the need for human connection and tentatively reaches out for help. The song’s instrumental, a captivating fusion of electronica and synth-pop, weaves an entrancing melody, underscoring the protagonist’s unwavering determination to bridge the gap and forge a meaningful bond with someone else. Mitski’s Blue Light lyrics are provided below.

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Տomebody kiss me, Ɩ’m going crazy
Ɩ’m walking ’round the house naked
Տilver in the night, singing


Ơut there Ɩ’m a sharp knife
Ꭺre you that blue light?
Ꭺre you that blue light?
Ꭺre you that blue light?
Ꭺre you?


Blue Light Song Details:

Album : Blue Light
Singer(s) : Mitski
Lyricist(s) : Mitsuki Laycock
Composers(s) : Mitsuki Laycock
Genre(s) : Alternative/Indie
Starring : Mitski

Blue Light Song Video:

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