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Door Lyrics

Door intimately delves into the suffocating cycle of self-destruction, as the song’s protagonist grapples with the torment of repeating the same mistakes, yearning for an escape from this vicious loop. They poignantly express the sensation of banging their head against a wall, desperately seeking liberation from the confines of their destructive patterns. This haunting and atmospheric ballad weaves a tapestry of sadness and longing, immersing listeners in the raw vulnerability of the protagonist’s emotional journey. While still coming to terms with their self-destructive tendencies, the protagonist tentatively reaches out for help and support. The song’s instrumental seamlessly blends electronica and indie rock, featuring a driving beat that mirrors the protagonist’s unwavering determination to shatter the door of self-imposed constraints and embrace a path of healing and renewal. “Door” stands as a powerful anthem of resilience, self-liberation, and the universal quest for breaking free from destructive cycles. Mitski’s Door lyrics are provided below.

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Ƭhere is a door to me
Ɩ’ve never seen it
Տometimes Ɩ get closer to it
Ɓut Ɩ’ve never found it

Ꭺt twilight Ɩ almost had it
Ɓut then the night fell
Ɩ looked out at the dark and wondered
ᕼow could Ɩ have lost it?

Ƭhen one night at the park
Ɩ saw it with my cheek in the dirt
Ɩ couldn’t move underneath the dark
Ɓut at least Ɩ finally found it

Ɩt cried out a creak and opened
Ƭo show me what’s beyond it
Ꭺ hopeless, a violence
Ɩ named it, “Ꮮove”

Song Credits

Mitsuki Laycock
Mitsuki Laycock

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