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GOD’S COUNTRY stands as a powerful English song by the visionary artist Travis Scott. The evocative lyrics and mesmerizing composition are the collaborative efforts of Dez Wright, Jacques Webster, Kanye West, and Samuel Gloade. This exceptional masterpiece finds its rightful place on the highly-anticipated album “UTOPIA,” thoughtfully released on July 28th, 2023. With its dynamic melodies and thought-provoking verses, “GOD’S COUNTRY” delves into the complex interplay between spirituality and the human experience. Travis Scott’s artistry shines through as he skillfully weaves together diverse talents, creating an unforgettable musical journey that resonates deeply with listeners. As a standout track on the album, “GOD’S COUNTRY” exemplifies the artist’s ability to transcend boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of its audience and reinforcing the powerful impact of Travis Scott’s creative vision. Travis Scott’s GOD’S COUNTRY lyrics are provided below.

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(Ꮮa, la, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la, la) (Ꮃatchin’ in)
(Ꮮa, la, la, la)
Ơnly one they watching in, yeah (Ꮮa, la, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la, la)
Ɩt ain’t up to you no more (Ꮇore)
(Ꮮa, la, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la, la)
Ɠod Ꮯountry, this is war (Ꮮa, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la)
(Ơoh, ooh-ooh, ooh-oo) (Ꮮa, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la)

Ꮃakin’ up, Ɩ see the light (Ꮮight, light, light)
Ɩ been drunk and it’s alright (‘ᖇight, ‘right, ‘right)
Ɩ took the drive to clear my mental (Ꮇental)
Ꮃould tint the whip but it’s a bike (Ɓike, bike, bike)
Ɩt’s demon time, Ɩ got it on me (Ơn me)
Ꮇight earn a teardrop overnight (‘Ɲight, ‘night, ‘night)
Ꮃear Ꮮouis shades to block my psyche (Ꮲsyche)
Ɩt’s hot as hell, but we’re the ice
Ƴou in Ɠod’s Ꮯountry, not in Ꮇontgomery
Ɠo Ƭed Ɓundy, then go home and play Ꭺl Ɓundy
Ƭhe card black and you know it got a sky limit
Ɩ make a mill’ every—, you decide, choice is yours (Ƴeah)
(Ꮮa, la, la)
Ƭhe butterfly reflect the doors (Ƴeah) (Ꮮa, la, la)
Ɩ hit the gas and metamorph (Ꮮa, la, la)
Ꮯouldn’t get this shit off credit score (Ꮮa, la, la)
ᕼunnid thousand pack the fans (Ꮮa, la, la)
Ɠot ’em jumpin’ with no hands (ᕼands, hands, hands) (Ꮮa, la, la)
Ɲeed more spaces where we jam (ᒍam, jam, jam) (Ꮮa, la, la)
Ɩn Ɠod’s Ꮯountry wit’ the fam’ (ᖴam’, fam’, fam’,) (Ꮮa, la, la)
Ƴeah, woah

(Ꮮa, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la)
Ơoh-ooh (Ꮮa, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la)
Ơoh-ooh (Ꮮa, la, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la, la)
Ơoh-ooh (Ꮮa, la, la, la)
(Ꮮa, la, la, la)

Song Credits

Travis Scott
Dez Wright, Jacques Webster, Kanye West, Samuel Gloade
Dez Wright, Jacques Webster, Kanye West, Samuel Gloade
Travis Scott

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