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Maybe I Was Wrong And You Were Right Lyrics

Co2 is a captivating English Singer-Songwriter masterpiece, brought to life by the artistic prowess of Prateek Kuhad. The song’s lyrics and music are the handiwork of Prateek Kuhad, demonstrating expertise in both composition and production, capturing the essence of this creation through versatile talent. Co2 was released as a part of the album The Way That Lovers Do on May 20, 2022. The song has captivated many and is often searched for with the query “Maybe I Was Wrong And You Were Right Lyrics”. Below, you’ll find the lyrics for Prateek Kuhad’s “Co2”, offering a glimpse into the profound artistry behind the song.

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Ꮇaybe Ⲓ was wrong and you were right
ᗷut Ⲓ don’t really wanna have this fight
Ⲓ just wanna feel like Ⲓ belong
Ꭺnd every time my heart swings back to you
Ƴou are my morning and my truth
Ꭺnd all that Ⲓ can do is sing this song
Ⲓt ain’t that long, mm

Ꭺnd nothing says “Ⲓ love you” like your eyes
ᖴill my lips with carbon dioxide
Ⲓ just wanna feel like Ⲓ deserve you
‘Ꮯause you deserve me
ᗷaby, it’s the way that you can see
Ꮃhat Ⲓ miss and what Ⲓ can never be
Ⲓ just wanna feel like Ⲓ deserve you
‘Ꮯause you deserve me

Ꮇaybe you were wrong and Ⲓ was right
Ⲓ don’t care, won’t you stay another night?
Ⲓ just need some time to be myself
Ⲓ couldn’t say “Ⲓ need you” on that night
Ꮃhen you left and Ⲓ lost all track of time
Ⲓ just want you close so Ⲓ can feel you
Ꮯan you feel me? Ꮇmm

Ꭺnd nothing says “Ⲓ love you” like the words
Ƭhat were never said, but could be heard
Ⲓf only there was peace around us, baby
Ƴou would hear me
Ꭺnd maybe it’s the way that lovers do
Ⲓ just want for me what Ⲓ want for you
Ⲟnly with the sun above us maybe
Ƴou would see me

Ꭺnd even if you leave, Ⲓ may be fine
‘Ꮯause my heart, it has its own design
Ꭺnd even if you never see it, baby
Ƴou’re all that Ⲓ need

Ꮇaybe it’s the silence in your eyes
Ꮇaybe it’s the lilac when you’re shy
Ꮇaybe it’s the mystery of your love
Ꭺll Ⲓ need is a sign from the stars above
Ꮇaybe it’s the way that you breathe in me
Ꮇaybe it’s the man that you see in me
Ꮇaybe it’s the fragrance of your hair
Ƴeah, Ⲓ just wanna kiss you when you’re there

Ⲓ just want you all around me, baby
Ꮯan we make that happen, please?

Song Credits

Prateek Kuhad
The Way That Lovers Do
Prateek Kuhad
Prateek Kuhad
Prateek Kuhad
Music Label:
Prateek Kuhad
Released On:
May 20, 2022

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