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Brave Girls Begin a New Chapter with Warner Music Korea


Brave Girls, the South Korean girl group that experienced a remarkable resurgence earlier this year, is embarking on a fresh journey after signing with Warner Music Korea. The quartet, consisting of Minyoung, Yujeong, Yuna, and Eunji, has officially joined forces with the renowned label, as announced in a statement released on Thursday.

The decision to partner with Warner Music Korea was a unanimous choice, with the label expressing unwavering dedication to supporting the group’s artistic endeavors. “We have mutually agreed to prioritize the group’s activities as a cohesive unit. We are fully committed to providing them with our utmost support,” stated the label.

Originally debuting in 2011, Brave Girls faced numerous challenges in gaining recognition within the industry and underwent several lineup changes throughout the years. However, their fortunes took an unexpected turn in 2021 when their four-year-old single, “Rollin’,” unexpectedly soared up the charts, propelling them to the forefront of the K-pop scene.

Building upon their newfound success, Brave Girls continued to captivate audiences with their titular track from the 5th EP, “Summer Queen.” Nevertheless, following the expiration of their exclusive contract with their previous agency, Brave Entertainment, in February, the group officially concluded their activities.

Now, under the wing of Warner Music Korea, the quartet is poised to embark on a revitalized journey, authoring an exciting new chapter in their career. “We are aiming for a summer comeback. Expect a fresh image and even better music,” expressed Minyoung.

While it remains uncertain whether the group will retain the name Brave Girls, as their previous agency holds the trademark, fans eagerly anticipate the future prospects of these exceptionally talented performers.

Throughout their tenure, Brave Girls have collaborated with notable artists, including Crush and Pink Sweat$ in 2019, Hwasa of Mamamoo and Dua Lipa, Changmo and Stormzy, Jessi, Sunmi and Ed Sheeran, Chungha and Christopher, and most recently Minnie of (G)I-dle and Anne-Marie. With the support of their new agency, Brave Girls are poised to reach new heights and unleash their full potential.

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