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Epex Explores the Turmoil of Love in Their Latest Album


Epex, the beloved K-pop boy band, has unveiled their newest album, “Prelude of Love Chapter 2: Growing Pains,” six months after their fourth EP, “Prelude of Love Chapter 1: Puppy Love,” released in October. Ahead of the album’s launch on Wednesday, the eight-member group held a press conference in Seoul, expressing their enthusiasm to return and sharing their growth in various aspects, including recording and dance practice.

Continuing the narrative of love from their previous album, this new release delves into the turmoil experienced by a boy going through his first breakup. True to their style, the members’ personal stories are intertwined into the songs through interviews with the lyricists. The album delves into the growing pains faced by teenagers confronting their initial heartbreak. Epex engaged in discussions with friends about their experiences, sharing their own stories, which were then skillfully woven into the lyrics.

The album features three tracks centered around the theme of first heartbreak: “My Darling,” “Goodbye My First Love,” and “Sunshower.” The latter is an energetic pop dance anthem that likens a boy’s adorable first breakup to a sunshower. Serving as the flagship song for the new album, “Sunshower” draws inspiration from a folk tale that suggests sunshowers are tears shed by the sky, mourning the wedding of its beloved fox. Although the melody of the song exudes brightness, the lyrics portray a mixture of emotions, delving into the complexity of the experience.

Epex has embarked on a special journey, weaving together the emotional highs and lows experienced by teenagers in love, since their debut in 2021. The series commenced with the debut EP “Bipolar Pt. 1: Prelude of Anxiety,” followed by “Bipolar Pt. 2: Prelude of Love.” Breaking the alternating pattern, the band continued with another chapter centered on love, resulting in the first chapter of “Prelude of Anxiety” and the first chapter of “Prelude of Love.” The band members hinted that the series will reach its culmination with the upcoming album.

With the release of their new album, Epex is set to embark on their first fan-concert tour, commencing in Seoul on June 10, and spanning four cities across Asia in their inaugural fan concert, “Sunshower.” Reflecting on their personal growth and unique struggles, the band members are dedicated to working hard at their own pace, believing that more people will discover them along the way. Anticipation is high among fans for Epex’s next comeback, as they eagerly await what the group has in store for them.

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