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Indie Sensation: Francis Of Delirium Unveils Catchy New Single ‘Give It Back To Me


Towards the end of last year, music enthusiasts were introduced to a promising project originating from Luxembourg – Francis Of Delirium. Embracing the essence of choreographable indie rock of the contemporary era, the project led by Jana Bahrich drew parallels to the likes of Kings Of Leon and Wolf Alice, establishing itself with a string of captivating singles. Continuing this trajectory, the artist recently unveiled another gem titled ‘Give It Back To Me’, which has quickly gained recognition as a potential radio anthem in miniature.

‘Give It Back To Me’ stands out as a dazzling composition, characterized by its progressively intensifying choruses reminiscent of the hypnotic allure often associated with Kings Of Leon’s more restrained works. The track embarks on a journey from understated beginnings to a crescendo, crafting a controlled catharsis punctuated by a poignant guitar solo, Jana’s impassioned vocal delivery, and the driving force of a relentless drum kit.

Scheduled for release on March 22, the single will find its place among the tracks of “Lighthouse,” the forthcoming album by Francis Of Delirium. Produced by Catherine Marks (known for her work with boygenius), the album will be released under the banner of Dalliance Recordings. Excitement is already building up for the album’s launch, with confirmed presentation concerts lined up in prominent cities including Barcelona (April 13, VOL), Donostia (April 14, Dabadaba), A Coruña (April 15, Mardi Gras), and Madrid (April 16, Maravillas Club).

As anticipation mounts for the release of ‘Lighthouse’ and the subsequent tour, ‘Give It Back To Me’ serves as a compelling preview of what Francis Of Delirium has in store for audiences. With its infectious energy and dynamic arrangement, the single not only reinforces the project’s potential but also solidifies its position within the indie rock landscape. Keep an eye out for Francis Of Delirium as they continue to carve their path with their distinctive blend of emotive lyricism and infectious melodies.

Chloe Davis
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