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ITZY’s English Names: Exploring Their Global Identities Beyond the Stage



ITZY, the sensational South Korean girl group under JYP Entertainment, has been taking the world by storm with their infectious music and mesmerizing performances. While already known by their Korean names, the members of ITZY decided to add a unique touch to their individual identities during their trip to New York – they revealed their English names! In this article, we’ll explore the English names of the ITZY members and the stories behind their chosen monikers.

  1. Lia – Julia: The elegant and talented Lia, whose stage name derives from her real name Choi Jisu, chose the English name Julia. It’s a fitting choice for the multitalented singer, as both names exude sophistication and charm.

    itzy lia

  2. Yeji – Lucy: The charismatic leader of ITZY, Yeji, revealed her English name as Lucy. Known for her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence, Yeji’s English name adds a touch of approachability, making her even more endearing to fans.

    itzy yeji

  3. Yuna – Hussey: The youngest member of ITZY, Yuna, playfully embraced the English name Hussey. With her bubbly personality and exceptional dancing skills, Yuna’s choice reflects her playful and mischievous side.

    itzy yuna

  4. Chaeryeong – Judy: The sweet and talented dancer, Chaeryeong, shyly disclosed her English name as Judy. Like her stage name, which is derived from her real name, Lee Chaeryeong, Judy adds a delightful innocence to her persona.

    Chaeryeong Itzy

  5. Ryujin – Joanne: The fierce and confident rapper, Ryujin, chose the English name Joanne. Just as her stage name reflects a dragon’s strength, Joanne adds a sense of maturity and power to her image.

    Ryujin itzy

Each member’s English name carries a story and a personality that perfectly complements their stage presence and individuality. While in New York, ITZY’s decision to use their English names added an international flair to their already captivating charm. Their interaction during the V-Live session showcased their camaraderie and genuine enjoyment during their trip.

The global appeal of ITZY extends beyond their music, as they actively engage with fans through various social media platforms. Their decision to reveal their English names not only brought joy to fans but also strengthened the connection between the group and their international audience.

As ITZY continues to make waves in the K-pop industry with their talent, versatility, and now, their endearing English names, there’s no doubt that their star will continue to rise. Each member’s unique identity, represented by their chosen English names, further contributes to the group’s multifaceted nature, captivating fans worldwide.

In conclusion, ITZY’s English names add an extra layer of charm and international appeal to their already impressive personas. As the group continues to break boundaries and make their mark on the global stage, their English names serve as a testament to the universal appeal of their music and performances. Fans around the world eagerly anticipate ITZY’s future endeavors and the exciting surprises they have in sto

Chloe Davis
Chloe Davis
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