Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Khruangbin Announces US Tour Alongside Release of ‘May Ninth’


Khruangbin, the Texan trio known for their eclectic and mesmerizing soundscapes, has once again transported listeners to a realm of tranquility with their latest release, ‘May Ninth’. The single, released amidst the chill of February, exudes the warmth and vibrancy reminiscent of a sunny day in May.

‘May Ninth’ unveils a side of Khruangbin that is both candid and huggable, showcasing their ability to craft music that feels like a comforting embrace. One intriguing aspect of the song is the subtle chirping of birds in the background, adding a touch of natural serenity to the musical landscape.

This enchanting track serves as one of the previews for Khruangbin’s upcoming album, “A LA SALA”, set to be released on April 5 under the Dead Oceans label. Following in the footsteps of their acclaimed 2020 release, “Mordechai”, this new album promises to captivate audiences with its immersive sound and evocative storytelling.

As anticipation builds for the album’s release, Khruangbin is gearing up for a tour across the United States in April, bringing their soulful melodies to audiences nationwide. Additionally, fans in Europe will have the opportunity to experience the magic of Khruangbin live, with performances scheduled at prestigious festivals including Bilbao BBK Live 2024, Roskilde Festival, and Metastadt Open Air.

With ‘May Ninth’ serving as a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic journey that awaits on “A LA SALA”, Khruangbin continues to solidify their status as one of the most innovative and enchanting bands in contemporary music. As they invite listeners to bask in the warmth of their melodies, Khruangbin reminds us that even amidst the coldest of days, a ray of sunshine is never far away.

Chloe Davis
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