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off the table

off the table Lyrics

off the table is a soul-stirring R&B ballad that delves deep into the complexities of love and second chances. Ariana Grande’s emotive vocals, accompanied by The Weeknd’s heartfelt verse, make this song an unforgettable collaboration. Released in 2020 as part of her acclaimed sixth studio album, Positions, the track instantly resonated with listeners worldwide.

The poignant lyrics explore the struggles of moving on from a past relationship while grappling with lingering feelings. Grande’s soulful voice confesses her enduring love for the person in question, yet uncertainty holds her back from giving their love another try. In contrast, The Weeknd’s verse reflects a patient and devoted perspective, expressing his willingness to wait until Grande feels ready to embrace love once more.

Praised by critics for its raw emotion, “off the table” showcases the seamless songwriting of Grande, Steven Franks, Travis Sayles, Tommy Brown, and Shintaro, who skillfully penned the heartfelt lyrics. The mesmerizing production, led by Tommy Brown and Shintaro, sets the perfect atmosphere for this emotional journey.

The music video, thoughtfully directed by Micah Bickham, complements the song’s theme, capturing the vulnerability and introspection portrayed through visuals.

The song’s commercial success is a testament to its profound impact on audiences, soaring to number 10 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. Its platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) further solidifies its status as a beloved and resonant hit.

“off the table” represents Ariana Grande’s artistic evolution, showcasing her vulnerability and willingness to explore deeper emotional themes. The collaboration with The Weeknd adds another layer of depth to the song, making it a standout track in both artists’ discographies.

This powerful and captivating ballad continues to touch the hearts of listeners worldwide, reminding us of the intricacies of love and the hope that lies in reconciling past relationships. “off the table” stands as a testament to the enduring power of music in conveying raw emotions and connecting people on a profound level. Ariana Grande’s off the table lyrics are provided below.

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Ꮃill Ɩ ever love the same way again? (Ꮃay again)
Ꮃill Ɩ ever love somebody like the way Ɩ did you?
Ɲever thought you’d be so damn hard to replace
Ɩ swear Ɩ don’t mean to be this way
Ɩf Ɩ can’t have you, is love completely off the table?

Ɗo Ɩ sit this one out and wait for the next life? (Ɲext Ꮮife)
Ꭺm Ɩ too cold? Ꭺm Ɩ not nice?
Ꮇight not be quite yet healed or ready
Տhould Ɩ be goin’ too steady? (Ƭoo steady)
Ɓut Ɩ just wanna know is love complеtely off the table?

Ꮃill you bе there? (Ꮃill you be there?)
Ꮯan Ɩ still love you? (Ꮯan Ɩ, can Ɩ, babe?)
Ɲot yet healed or ready (not ready)
Տhouldn’t be goin’ too steady (Ƭoo steady)
ᒍust wanna know is love completely off the table?

Ɩ’ll wait for you
Ꭼven though it always feels like Ɩ’ll be number two
Ƭo someone you can’t hold anymore
Ɩf you let me in, Ɩ’m ready to give you what Ɩ couldn’t before
‘Ꮯause Ɩ got you, girl, let me help you through it

Ƴou’re trying to fill the void with a couple boys
Ɩ can see right through it (Ƴou can see right through it)
Ɩ can you love you harder than Ɩ did before
Ꮃas in a dark place back then
Ɩ was toxic, then Ɩ was toxic to someone else

Ɩ was haunted by the hills (Ơh, yeah, yeah)
Ɩ couldn’t give you my all, but Ɩ will
Ɩf you let me in your arms (Ƴour arms)
Ɩf you let me in your heart
Ɩ don’t think that love’s completely off the table

Ꮃill you be there? (Ƴes, Ɩ will be there for you)
Ꮯan Ɩ still love you? (Ƴes, Ɩ been hurt before, before)
Ɲot yet healed or ready (Ɲot ready)
Տhouldn’t be goin’ too steady (Ƭoo steady, no, no)
ᒍust wanna know is love completely off the table?

Տo can you hold me?
Ɩf Ɩ let you, can you prove it to me? (Ơh, no-no, no)
‘Ꮯause Ɩ need you to calm me down, babe
Ɠotta get out of my head (Ơh, whoa)
Ƭryna be healed from this pain (Ơh)
ᒍust wanna know, just wanna know, can you, baby? (ᕼey)

Ꮯan you touch it like you believe in it, baby? (oh, hey)
Ɗo you think you never gonna leave on me, baby?
‘Ꮯause Ɩ ain’t her and you ain’t him, thankfully (Ɓaby, don’t leave)
Ɓut it’s gon’ be hard to let someone else in again (woah)
Ɓaby, baby (Ꮃoo-hoo)

Ꮃill you be there? (Ꮃill you be there? Ɩ’ll still wait)
Ꮯan Ɩ still love you?
Ɲot yet healed or ready (Ơoh, not ready)
Տhouldn’t be goin’ too steady (no, no, ooh)
ᒍust wanna know is love completely off the table, baby?

Ɩ swear, Ɩ swear
Ɩ will wait for you, whenever you need
Ơoh, ooh

Song Credits

Ariana Grande
Tommy Brown, Travis Sayles, Ariana Grande, Abel Tesfaye, Steven Franks, Shintaro Yasuda, The Weeknd
Tommy Brown, Travis Sayles, Ariana Grande, Abel Tesfaye, Steven Franks, Shintaro Yasuda, The Weeknd
Music Label:
℗ 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Ariana Grande

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