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Seek & Destroy Lyrics

Seek & Destroy stands as a powerful song by the talented American singer-songwriter, SZA, featured on her second studio album, “SOS.” The song delves into the intense and emotional journey of love’s destructive power. Its lyrics eloquently explore themes of pain, betrayal, and revenge, with SZA’s soaring vocals gracefully intertwining with a driving beat.

The song’s raw emotion and vulnerability have earned high praise, resonating with listeners as a reflection of SZA’s own personal experiences. The arrangement, while simple, is incredibly effective, allowing SZA’s passionate and conviction-filled vocals to take center stage.

With its commercial success, “Seek & Destroy” reached a peak position of number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Critics have showered the song with acclaim, with Pitchfork naming it a “Best New Track” and commending SZA’s vocals as some of her most vulnerable and powerful. The New York Times hailed it as a stunning ballad, highlighting the song’s emotional impact and SZA’s exceptional vocal delivery. SZA’s Seek & Destroy lyrics are provided below.

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Seek & Destroy Song Details:

Album : Seek & Destroy
Singer(s) : SZA
Lyricist(s) : Carter Lang, Solana Rowe, Cody Fayne, Robert Clark Bisel, Tyran Donaldson
Composers(s) : Carter Lang, Solana Rowe, Cody Fayne, Robert Clark Bisel, Tyran Donaldson
Genre(s) : R&B
Starring : SZA

Seek & Destroy Song Video:

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