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Tu Kahaan

Tu Kahaan

Tu Kahaan Lyrics | Tu Kahaan Oaff Lyrics | Tu Kahaan Lyrics Oaff | Tu Kahaan Oaff Lyrics in Hindi | Tu Kahan Oaff Lyrics

Tu Kahaan (तू कहाँ) is a Hindi song by Oaff & Lothika. The lyrics of the song are penned by Ankur Tewari, whereas Oaff has produced the music of the song. Oaff’s Tu Kahaan lyrics in Hindi and in English are provided below.

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खोया-खोया सा आसमाँ
ये ज़मीं और अब ये जहाँ

तू कहाँ लापता?
तू कहाँ (तू कहाँ) लापता?
तू ना जा

खोए-खोए से हम कहाँ?
तू नहीं है जो अब यहाँ

Khoya-khoya sa aasmaan
Yeh zameen aur ab yeh jahan

Tu kahaan laapata?
Tu kahaan (tu kahan) laapata?
Tu na ja

Khoye-khoye se hum kahan?
Tu nahi hai jo ab yahan

Tu Kahaan Song Details:

Album : Tu Kahaan
Lyricist(s) : Ankur Tewari
Composers(s) : Oaff
Music Director(s) : Oaff
Genre(s) : Indie Pop
Music Label : Muzik Vibes
Starring : Oaff & Lothika

Tu Kahaan Song Video:

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