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Neoni | Biography, Songs & Lyrics

Neoni, the dynamic electronic pop duo comprising the talented sisters Caitlin and Sydney Blair, hails from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. Their musical journey began in their early teens when they started crafting and producing their own music. In 2019, the world got a taste of their brilliance when they dropped their debut single, “DARKSIDE,” which took TikTok by storm, rapidly becoming a viral sensation. The success of their follow-up track, “ROYALTY,” further solidified their position in the music industry, with both songs amassing a staggering one billion streams on Spotify combined.

Their genre-defying music expertly fuses electronic pop, rock, and dance elements, resulting in an irresistibly catchy and upbeat sound. Neoni’s lyrics delve into empowering themes such as self-expression, female friendship, and overall empowerment, resonating deeply with their rapidly growing fan base. Notably, their live performances brim with boundless energy, further captivating audiences around the globe.

In 2021, Neoni unveiled their highly anticipated debut album, “Wars in a Wonderland,” to both critical and commercial acclaim, propelling them to the forefront of the electronic pop scene. Since then, they have continued to captivate audiences with hit singles like “Funeral,” “Blurry,” and “Happy Ever After.”

With an impressive following of over 283,000 on Instagram and a staggering 450 million streams on Spotify, Neoni’s influence on the music landscape cannot be overstated. Their extraordinary talent has garnered them well-deserved recognition, with features in prestigious publications like Billboard, Rolling Stone, and NME. Additionally, they’ve had the privilege of touring alongside major artists such as Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, and Kygo, showcasing their ability to hold their own in the spotlight.

Neoni’s future in the music industry looks exceptionally bright, as their infectious, danceable music continues to inspire and empower audiences worldwide. As they continue to explore new creative heights and mesmerize listeners with their distinctive sound, Neoni is destined to remain one of the most captivating and exhilarating acts in the realm of electronic pop for many years to come. Below you can check out the lyrics to some of Neoni’s popular songs.

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