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dorothea is a heartfelt country-pop ballad co-written by Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner, featured as the tenth track on Swift’s re-recorded album Red (Taylor’s Version), released on November 12, 2021. The song delicately recounts the tale of a woman reflecting on her past relationship with a girl named Dorothea. Swift croons about how Dorothea left their small town to pursue her dreams in Los Angeles, leaving the narrator to ponder what could have been if she had done the same. The song’s captivating melody, Swift’s powerful vocals, and the poetic lyrics have garnered acclaim and propelled it to number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences growing up in a small town and watching friends move away, Swift crafted “Dorothea” as a tribute to those who left for greener pastures. Although Dorothea is a fictional character, she is inspired by a real person Swift met during her youth, adding a touch of authenticity to the song’s sentiment. Directed by Blake Lively, the music video features Swift singing in a bar, amplifying the nostalgic essence of the song. A slow-burning ballad that lingers in the heart, “Dorothea” exemplifies Swift’s exceptional songwriting prowess and is poised to become a cherished favorite among fan. Taylor Swift’s dorothea lyrics are provided below.

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dorothea Song Details:

Album : evermore
Singer(s) : Taylor Swift
Lyricist(s) : Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner
Composers(s) : Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner
Genre(s) : Pop
Starring : Taylor Swift

dorothea Song Video:

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