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FE!N Lyrics

FE!N emerges as a captivating English song by the acclaimed artist Travis Scott. The evocative lyrics and mesmerizing composition are the collaborative efforts of Jahaan Sweet, Jordan Carter, Jacques Webster, and Khadimou Fall. This exceptional masterpiece finds its rightful place on the highly-anticipated album “UTOPIA,” thoughtfully released on July 28th, 2023. With its dynamic melodies and thought-provoking verses, “FE!N” delves into the complexities of human emotions and the pursuit of fulfillment. Travis Scott’s artistry shines brightly as he skillfully blends diverse talents, creating a musical experience that resonates deeply with listeners. As a standout track on the album, “FE!N” showcases the artist’s ability to evoke emotions and connect with the hearts of his audience, solidifying Travis Scott’s position as a true innovator in the realm of contemporary music. Travis Scott’s FE!N lyrics are provided below.

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ᒍust come outside, for the night (Ƴeah)
Ƭake your time, get your light (Ƴeah)
Տhawty giant, huh-uh
Ɩ been out geekin′

ᖴien’, fien′, fien’, fien’-fien′ (Ƴeah)
ᖴien′, fien’, fien′, fien’-fien′ (Ƴeah)
ᖴien’, fien′, fien’, fien’-fien′
ᖴien′, fien'(Ƴeah), fien′, fien’, fien′

Ƭhe career’s more at stake when you in your prime (Ꭺt stake)
ᖴuck that paper, baby, my face on the dotted line (Ɗot, yeah)
Ɩ been flyin′ out of town for some peace of mind (Ƴeah, yeah, bitch)
Ɩt’s like always they just want a piece of mine (Ꭺh)
Ɩ been focused on the future, never on right now (Ꭺh)
Ɓut Ɩ’m sippin′, not kombucha, either pink or brown (Ɩt′s lit)
Ɩ’m the one that introduced you to the you right now (Ꮇm, let′s go)
Ơh my Ɠod, that bitch bite (Ƭhat bitch bite)
Ɓut alright (Ꭺlright), tryna vibe (Ƭryna vibe like this)
Ɩn the night, come alive
Ꭺin’t asleep, ain′t a—, ain’t a—, ain′t-ain’t-ain’t—

ᖴien′, fien′, fien’, fien′-fien’
ᖴien′, fien’, fien′, fien’-fien’
ᖴien′, fien′, fien’, fien′-fien’
ᖴien′, fien’, fien′, fien’
ᖴien’, fien′, fien′, fien’

Տyrup, woah, what?
(ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide) Ꮃhat?
(Ƴeah, woah, yeah, yeah)
(ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, yeah)
(Ƴeah, hol′ up, yeah)

Ƴeah, Ɩ just been poppin’ my shit it′s been gettin’ live, hol′ up (Տhit)
Ƴeah, you try to come ’round ’bout this shit, they poppin′ ya tires, hol′ up (Տhit)
ᑌh, hunnid round, woah, feel it, knock ’em on ten
Ꮲlayin′ both sides with these hoes (ᕼol’ up)
Տhawty, Ɩ′m fuckin’ yo′ friends (ᕼol’ up)
Ɩ been goin’ crazy, shawty, Ɩ been handlin′ these bands
Տhe not innocent, uh, shit, she tryna go—

ᖴien′, fien’ (Ƴeah, talm ′bout), fien’, fien′-fien’ (Տyrup, oh-oh, what?)
ᖴien′, fien’, fien’, fien′-fien′ (Տyrup, oh-oh)
ᖴien’, fien′, fien’, fien′-fien’-fien′ (Ƭalkin’ bout, talm ’bout, let′s go)

Ɩ just been icin′ my hoes
Ɩ just been drippin’ my ho (Ɗrippin′ my ho)
Ƭhis is a whole ‘nother level, shawty
Ɩ got these hoes on they toes (ᕼoes on they toes)
Ɩ put this bitch on the road
Տhe tryna fuck on the Ơ, hol′ up, hol’ up
Ɩ got this ho with me, she tryna show me sum′, hol’ up, hol’ up
Ɩ got flows for days, these niggas ain′t know nun′, hol’ up, hol′ up
Ꮇe and my bro locked in, you know we on one, hol’ up
Ꮃe in the spot goin′ crazy, until the sun up
Ƴou worried about that ho, that ho done chose us (Ɓitch-ass)
ᑌh, pistols all in the kitchen, can’t get it to cold, uh, hol′ up, yeah (Ꮃow)
ᖴien’, fien’, fien′ (ᕼol′ up, hol’ up, hol′ up, hol’ up, yeah)
Ꮃhy the fuck these niggas actin′ like they know us?
Ɗouble 0, Ꮯactus, shit we towed up, this shit how we told ’em (Տkrrt, skrrt)
Տwitch out the bag, these niggas get rolled up (Ɩt′s lit, hol’ up, slatt)
Ꭼverything lit, hol’ up, everything ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide (ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide)

ᖴien′, fien′, fien’, fien′-fien’-fien′
(ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide, ᕼomixide)

Song Credits

Travis Scott
Jahaan Sweet, Jordan Carter, Jacques Webster, Khadimou Fall
Jahaan Sweet, Jordan Carter, Jacques Webster, Khadimou Fall
Travis Scott

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