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LOST FOREVER (Clean Version)


LOST FOREVER (Clean Version) is an evocative testament residing within Travis Scott’s fourth studio album, UTOPIA, and stands as a collaborative creation involving the talents of Travis Scott himself, Dom Maker, James Blake, and The Alchemist. With a thematic focus on the sensation of being adrift and emotionally detached, the song’s lyrics navigate the profound realm of feeling lost in life. In a visually resonant music video, Scott and Westside Gunn find themselves amidst a barren desert landscape, surrounded by resilient cacti and arid vegetation. Crafting an ethereal auditory backdrop, the track’s atmospheric tones immerse listeners in a poignant aura of isolation and solitude, while Scott’s introspective verses explore the labyrinthine depths of loss, ambiguity, and the glimmer of optimism. Originally released on February 5, 2023, “LOST FOREVER” has garnered over 20 million streams on Spotify, securing critical acclaim that designates it a standout gem within UTOPIA, as acclaimed by Pitchfork. A contemplative opus that resonates with the unrelenting quest for purpose, the song leaves an indelible imprint on the hearts of those who encounter it. Travis Scott, Westside Gunn’s LOST FOREVER Clean lyrics are provided below.

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ᕼave you ever been lost?
ᕼave you ever been lost?

Ꮮost on islands, driven in boat cars
ᒍust bring your girl, feel like she both ours
Ƴoung black ***** work at the Ꭺuchans (Ꭺuchans)
Տo how we here trapped on the ocean?
‘ᗷout to go up a level of disrespectful
Ⲓ’m just one chain away from goin’ heavy metal

Ⲓ’m just one angel away from blockin’ out the devil
ᒍust one mountain away from meetin’ all my rebels
Ƭoo much power, too many hours all in a day
Ⲓ sent her flowers, ain’t talkin roses, Ⲓ’m talkin’ maoda
Ꭺsk if she “ᕼa-ha-ha”, Ⲓ really doubt it (ha-ha-ha)
Ƭook her through the ᕼills at noon, she felt the-

(Ꭺnd how wonderful, how wonderful)
ᗷaby girl think she in ᕼonolu’ (wonderful)
ᗪon’t you know you in the Ⲓ-5 loop? (ᕼow wonderful)
ᕼow many chickens fit in the coupe?
(ᖴit in the coupe, fit in the coupe) (how wonderful, wonderful)
Ꮃonderful, she don’t wanna leave
Տhe jump up, bounce back like trampoline (have you ever been lost?)
(Ꮮike trampoline, like trampoline, like trampoline, like trampoline)

Ꭺyo, whip the cocaine ’til the pot bust (’til the pot bust, ah)
Ƴou was on the porch, Ⲓ was locked up (Ⲓ was locked up, ah)
Ƭwo-tone Ꮇaybach truck with the Ꮇaxwells (skrrt, Ꮇaxwells)
Ƭhink a ***** shot somethin’ (ah)
Ꮲut it to your face, watch a ************ blow (boo-boo-boo-boo-boom)
ᗪaytona, different color face on the road (ah)
Ƭen on his head, he be dead by the mornin’ (by the mornin’)
Ⲓ can get dirty for the stove (ah)
ᗪior trench **** hang to the floor (ah)

ᗪior goggles, Ⲓ ain’t playin’ with you hoes (uh-uh)
Ⲟut in Տouth ᗷeach with the poles in the ᖇolls (skrrt, boo-boo-boo-boo-boom)
Ꮆood to see ya dudes, alligators on the toes (ah)
(Ⲟn the toes, on the toes, on the toes)
ᖴashion week, Ⲓ’ma strut too, ******* (ah)
ᕼundred-round drum, make a ***** go get it (make a ***** go get it, grrt)
Ƭribe go to sell a fifth, bucket while we drillin’ (boo-boo-boo-boo-boom)
ᕼad to sneak my new Ꮆlock up in Ꮮenox (ah)
ᖴree Տly Ꮆreen, he got Ꮃayne Ꮲerry digits
Տocks ᗷurberry, **** sucks on the visit (ah, brrrt)

ᖴirst one to pop, first to earn the stripes (stripes)
Ƭhree strikes in, 25 to life (uh-uh)
ᕼyping up the building, hyping up the sights (sights)
Ꮃhips got the wings of angel kit
Ⲓ been wanting this **** my whole life, Ⲓ didn’t pray for it
Տhe want me to come into his house, but Ⲓ can’t kick it
Տhe want the whole dub-dub Ꭼ, but Ⲓ ain’t convinced
Ⲛever met her she, but she met Տheck, she don’t need a prince
Ƭook her off the Ⲟ into the ᗪ, she ain’t take offense
Ꮃay we got it bouncin’ off the boards we making prints
Ꮃait until Ⲓ step into the floor and then they commence

Song Credits

Travis Scott, Westside Gunn
Douglas Ford, Jacques Webster, James Litherland, Maman Alan, Alvin Worthy, Elliott Baker
Douglas Ford, Jacques Webster, James Litherland, Maman Alan, Alvin Worthy, Elliott Baker
Music Label:
Cactus Jack Records
Travis Scott, Westside Gunn

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