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Coping – EP

Coping EP Lyrics

The “Coping” EP marks Rosie Darling’s debut release, showcasing her talents as a singer-songwriter and capturing her introspective approach to music. Consisting of six tracks, the EP is a collection of beautifully arranged, piano-centric pop songs that delve into bittersweet themes of personal growth and navigating the complexities of relationships.

The title track, “Coping,” serves as the emotional centerpiece of the EP. Written during a time when Rosie was mentally preparing herself for the end of a relationship, the song reflects her vulnerability and captures the poignant feelings surrounding heartbreak. With its emotive lyrics and stirring melodies, “Coping” resonated deeply with listeners, earning over eight million streams and charting on various Spotify Viral 50 charts.

While “Coping” sets the tone for the EP, the remaining tracks continue to explore similar introspective themes. Rosie’s confessional songwriting style shines through as she examines the dynamics of relationships and reflects on personal experiences. Collaborating with producers and songwriters such as Andy Seltzer, Justin Gammella, The Wavys, and Cooper Holzman, Rosie brings a blend of poignant storytelling and layered lyricism to each track.

The EP’s piano-centric approach, combined with Rosie’s emotive vocals, creates a captivating sonic experience. However, Rosie also hints at her appreciation for electronic music, expressing a desire to collaborate with producers and explore the EDM space further in the future.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Coping” EP has garnered widespread attention and resonated with audiences worldwide. Rosie has received positive feedback from fans in various countries, highlighting the universal appeal of her music and its ability to touch hearts across borders.

With the “Coping” EP, Rosie Darling establishes herself as a rising talent in the pop music scene. Her ability to craft deeply personal and relatable songs, combined with her introspective vulnerability, sets her apart as an artist to watch. The EP serves as a powerful introduction to Rosie’s artistry, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating her future releases and further exploration of her musical and emotional journey. Below you can check out the lyrics to the songs from the EP Coping by Rosie Darling.

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Album's Tracklist


David Arkwright, Daniel Kyriakides, Daylight, Justin Gammella, Rosie Darling, Jack Brady, Jordan Roman
Andy Seltzer, Likeable, Justin Gammella
Music Label:
Nettwerk Music Group
Rosie Darling
Released On:
April 2, 2021

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