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Alayna | Biography, Songs & Lyrics

Alayna Powley, born and raised in Hamurana, New Zealand, is a globally recognized music-maker known for her soulful and reflective songwriting. At 29 years old, she has already amassed a substantial following with her music garnering 7.6 million streams on Spotify and attracting 200,000 monthly listeners worldwide. Her popularity extends to YouTube and other internet platforms, where she keeps track of her fan base through an App.

Despite her massive fan following, Alayna remains humble and focused on connecting with her audience on a personal level. For her, fame is not the goal; rather, she seeks to be seen, understood, and to touch people with her music. Her creativity knows no bounds, and she refuses to be confined to a single genre. Over the years, she has explored various musical directions, continually evolving as an artist.

Alayna’s journey in music started early, with her music teacher father recognizing her vocal talent at the age of six. Throughout her school years, she honed her skills in singing, guitar, and piano. After winning a spot in the Play it Strange competition during her high school years, Alayna ventured into professional recording studios, paving the way for her musical career.

Her passion for music led her to pursue studies in contemporary music at Auckland’s Mainz Music and Audio School. After graduation, she made the bold move to New York to pursue her musical dreams. Despite facing challenges and uncertainties, Alayna persisted, gaining recognition on SoundCloud and signing with the Vancouver-based Indy label 20XX.

While the global pandemic slowed down her output, Alayna remains dedicated to her craft. She has taken on various jobs, including teaching singing to young students, all while working on her debut album. This work in progress reflects her dedication to creating a cohesive and storytelling musical experience for her listeners.

Alayna’s music is an amalgamation of R&B, soul, and pop, beautifully woven with heart-piercing lyrics that aim to touch and impact her audience deeply. With millions of streams, features on reputable platforms, and collaborations with renowned producers, Alayna Powley is well on her way to fulfilling her goal of connecting with people through her soulful and powerful songwriting. Below you can check out the lyrics to some of Alayna’s popular songs.

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